How Do You Keep Your Lungs Clean ?


Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization, respiratory disorders kill about 3 million people annually? Toxic air and a bad lifestyle affect your lungs. This causes difficulty in breathing and various respiratory diseases. So you must be very alert and take care of your lungs by consuming healthy foods and following a healthy lifestyle. This will reduce the costs of medicines and surgery.

The human body shows a fantastic ability to promote healing on its own, and the lungs are no different. However, long-term inhalation of soot, smog, or other toxic substances can overwhelm the lungs’ ability to cleanse themselves. The lungs are lined with cilia, which are small hairs that move foreign particles up and out in the trachea, and clean the air sacs so that the tiny air sacs can do their job.

If you’ve been a long-time smoker, be it cigarettes, a pipe, or marijuana, your lungs will be scarred. Tobacco smoke, in particular, contains carbon monoxide (toxin), tar (glues the small bags of air together we need to breathe), and a large number of additives that Big Tobacco, unfortunately, adds to keep smokers smoking (more poison). Above all, whatever you do, quit smoking now.

There is proof that foods abundant in antioxidants can benefit the lungs. The results of a 2010 study showed that people who ate most cruciferous vegetables such as Bok Choi, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower had nearly half the risk of lung cancer compared to those who at ate least. Listen to your mother – eat your vegetables.

Quit smoking, eat well, and exercise – You’ve heard this before. That’s because it’s the truth. Improving respiratory and cardiovascular fitness means that the lungs are better able to maintain the heart and muscles supplied with fresh sweet oxygen. Regular exercise is a must for those who suffer from chronic lung disease. The hardest thing about exercise is getting started, and even a little effort is better than doing nothing at all.

Air quality indicates the condition of the air around us. This is the degree to which air is pollution-free, and is determined by measuring pollutants, and discharges from sources such as industries and vehicles, and ozone, also known as smog. They are the largest contributors to outdoor air quality. It is simple to understand the effects of air quality for people with lung disease.

Be proactive. If the air quality throughout the day is terrible, try to remain indoors. Change outdoor activities accordingly, and you can decrease the amount of pollution you breathe.

Indoor air quality also contributes to pulmonary irritation. Dust, irritants, and chemicals can accumulate in your home. People with lung disease spend a lot of time indoors, and it is important to do this on days when the quality of the outdoor air is poor. Here are some suggestions for improving indoor air quality:


Often vacuum and invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. Wipe your floors, but try not to use chemical-laden filters.


Dust and mold like humidity. Use a dehumidifier, keep the exhaust fan running while cooking, and repair any leaks to prevent mildew.


Use natural cleaning products, perfume-free products, and avoid aerosols.

Air purification

Indoor plants like a fern, spider, or aloe vera can help clear the air. You can also use an air purifier.

Let’s talk, mucus. People with lung disease have a large amount of fluid to drain from their lungs. It is important to keep the lungs as clear as possible to make breathing less stressful.

There are methods that patients can discuss with a doctor, such as postural drainage, where gravitation is used to assist drain mucus into the mouth by placing the body in specific positions. Different positions empty different sections (lobes) of the lung. The mucus can then be coughed or spit out.

Inhalation of air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other toxins can damage the lungs and even cause health problems. Maintaining a healthy lung is essential to keep the rest of the body healthy!


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