How Do You Get Hepatitis A?

How Do You Get Hepatitis A

Before moving onto, how Hepatitis A is transmitted? You must have surely heard about Hepatitis A as it is very common especially in third world countries. Hepatitis A is a liver infection that occurs due to the Hepatitis A virus. The transmission of Hepatitis A has markedly reduced in the developed countries as they make use of Hepatitis A vaccine frequently for all children. So how does it get transmitted? Hepatitis A is present in the stool of the individuals present in the society who are suffering from Hepatitis A infection. It invades the body of an individual through the oral opening after some infected person contaminates your things while handling them. It can also occur if you eat or drink the contaminated meals with the Hepatitis A virus. 

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Individuals usually suffer from Hepatitis A when they have close contact with the infected people such as the foods or drinks prepared by the infected person or when you eat the shellfish which is harvested while using the sewage water. Once the virus invades your body, it goes through the incubation period of around 2-7 weeks till the time when illness occurs.

There are certain groups of people who are at high risk of suffering from Hepatitis A infection, these people especially include the ones who are not vaccinated. Other than that people who are homeless, people sharing the same household belongings to the infected person, people who sex with the infected person, people traveling to countries who have outrage of hepatitis A, men having sex with men, individuals using injection drugs, people eating under-cooked shellfish or raw meat and children within daycare. 

While going through this video, you must be wondering whether this contagious disease is preventable or not? So the good news is that there are Hepatitis A vaccines in the market which are the excellent, safe and most effective means of preventing yourself against Hepatitis A infections. Vaccination against Hepatitis A requires double dosages which should be 6 and 12 months apart. You start being protected after the first dose of Hepatitis A within 1-2 weeks and you get protected for 20-22 years once you get the second dosage. According to the CDC, people traveling to countries with outrageous Hepatitis A contamination should get themselves vaccinated before visiting. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should be Hepatitis A vaccinated at one year old. 

Other than that, individuals who have experienced Hepatitis A infection, once in their life develop natural immunity against the virus for their entire life. You can get yourself tested for Hepatitis A total antibody test which appears positive if you are vaccinated or have experienced Hepatitis A infection in life. You can also prevent yourself from Hepatitis A by practicing healthy hygiene habits like maintaining proper sanitation, washing hands frequently with soap and water. Avoid preparing the meals if you are infected with Hepatitis A virus. Cook or boil the foods properly for around 1 minute at boiling temperature to inactivate the virus replication. If you suffer from symptoms like jaundice, abdominal pain, light-colored stools, appetite loss, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting then you should get yourself tested for Hepatitis A virus infection and consult the doctor immediately for a further treatment plan. Hepatitis A IgM antibody test is available for people who are doubted for being contaminated with Hepatitis A virus. If you have a current infection, then IgM antibodies appear positive in the test. With an appropriate treatment plan, Hepatitis A is curable, however, if you are suffering from a pre-existing liver disease you need a crucial treatment plan for curing the symptoms.

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