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A toothache is a dull or sharp sense of pain in or around a tooth which can be due to several reasons. Among which the most common cause is a tooth cavity which results from a prolonged tooth decay. Another common cause is having gum diseases known as gingivitis. It can either be loose fillings, cavities, a cracked tooth or an abscess. Whatever it is home remedies can save you by relieving the pain. But if it gets some serious and you are having a fever and a foul taste, you need to see your doctor immediately. Let’s talk about some home remedies for toothache today .


Clove Oil:


Cloves are always the utmost priority as a home remedy for a toothache. They are best-known for numbing the nerves as the chemical compound eugenol found in it is naturally anesthetic. But care should be taken while using the clove oil as it can aggravate the painful sensations in your sensitive gum tissues or tongue. Instead, put two drops of clove oil on a cotton bud and rub it against the tooth having the pain. Otherwise, you can use clove powder or a whole clove can be placed on the tooth. Chew the clove so it may release some oil and keep it in your mouth for half an hour or until the pain subsides. Make sure if the pain worsens you need to consult your dentist as soon as possible.


Ginger-cayenne paste:


Mix these two spices in an equal proportion with a tint of water to make a paste. Take a cotton bud or small piece of cotton and saturate it with the paste. While applying on the tooth make sure it does not touch the tongue or gums around. Leave it until the pain subsides or ceases or as much as you can handle. It may give an itchy feeling but leave its wonderous impacts. Both of these spices are potent painkillers so you can either use them separately or combine to make a paste. The capsaicin component of cayenne is known to cease the sensations of pain reaching the brain.


Salt Water:


A teaspoon of salt dissolved in hot water makes a good painkiller solution. It not only removes all the debris from aching tooth but also reduces the swelling. Take a sip and swish it for 30 seconds until you spit it out. This saltwater will help you minimize the swelling as much as you use it by taking out all the fluid from the swollen part. Repeat the treatment as often as needed but twice or thrice a day will be enough to get rid of swollen and painful gums, not more than that.




Peppermint tea is famous for its numbing power as well. Put 1 teaspoon dried peppermint in a cup of boiling water and wait for 20 minutes until it steeps. After the tea cools down swish it in your mouth just like you did with salt water and either spit it out or swallow, as you like. Black tea is also highly recommended to ease the pain as the astringent tannins in black tea is a potent painkiller and reduces the swelling as well. You can also place a warm tea bag against your teeth to soothe the gums. It may give a temporary relief but quite effective in soothing the pain.


Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide:


Hydrogen peroxide is a renowned disinfectant and helps to kill the bacteria and relieving the pain as well.  A 3% of hydrogen peroxide solution is enough to rinse off the mouth. Spit it out and rinse several times with plain water. Like other home remedies it can also provide a temporary relief from the pain but if it is accompanied by fever and a foul taste in your mouth then these home remedies can only serve as a control on your pain until you see your dentist.


Use of Ice:


Wrap a cube of ice in a plain cloth or in a plastic bag and put it on your cheek over the painful tooth. Apply it for at least 15 minutes to numb the aching nerves. Also, according to a saying if you massage your hand with an ice cube it will help you relive the pain too. it is because when the nerves in your hands send a “cold” message to your brain, it overcomes the signal coming from your mouth. Just wrap a cube of ice in a linen cloth and rub it over the fleshy area between your fingers and thumb, you will feel the change.


Use of myrrh:


You can also rinse your mouth with a tincture of myrrh. It not only helps to kill the bacteria but its astringent effect also helps with reducing the inflammation. Add 1 teaspoon of powdered myrrh in 2 cups of water and boil for 30 minutes. Let it strain and cool. Rinse with 1 teaspoon of the solution mixed in a half cup of water for 5-6 minutes a day.


Vinegar and Brown Paper:


Soak a small piece of brown paper in vinegar and sprinkle on it some black pepper. Hold this to your cheek. It will give you a warm sensation and may distract you from tooth pain.


Use a right tool for your teeth:


First of all, choose a right toothpaste for your sensitive teeth. If you have shrinking gums, this can help you relieve a lot of pain from shrinking gums. Switch to a soft-bristled brush and preserve your gum tissues which will prevent it from shrinking and pain too.


Bubble Gum:


If you have a broken tooth or lost a filling, you can cover it with a chewed soft bubble gum. It works for loose fillings as it holds them in place until you go to a dentist for a proper filling. Don’t chew anything with that tooth until you get it fixed for yourself.

Here it’s all about home remedies for a toothache, but if you are having any severe symptoms, rush to your dentist and get it fixed as the matter with teeth is very sensitive.

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