Home Remedies For Piles


Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels found inside or around the bottom (the anus and rectum). In many cases, hemorrhoids don’t cause symptoms and some people don’t even realize they have them. But those who do realize, for them, here are some home remedies to cure it.

1)  Witch hazel: 

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You can buy it in liquid form and apply it directly over the affected areas. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-

itching properties and can reduce or prevent swelling. It can provide relief from pain and itching too. Witch hazel can be found in anti-itch products such as wipes or soaps.

2) Aloe Vera:

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It has been used for long times for treating hemorrhoids and other physical problems as well. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief and reduce irritation. No medical professional is said to prescribe it but it is totally harmless and doesn’t have any side effects. If you are allergic to aloe Vera then avoid using it at all costs. It can be found in many products but pure aloe vera gel is what we need here.

3) A warm bath with Epsom salt :

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Warm water can help to provide relief from irritation. You can take a full-body size bath for twenty minutes. It is most effective after every bowel movement. The addition of Epsom salt can further provide relief from pain.

4) Over-the-counter ointments:

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Such ointments and creams can be located in every local drugstore and are said to provide immediate relief. It also reduces swelling and cures hemorrhoids faster. Prevent using it for more than a week.

5) Soothing wipes:

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Use of toilet paper can only make hemorrhoids worse. But wipes can get you relief from irritation and wipes with anti-hemorrhoid properties containing witch hazel and aloe vera can be extra beneficial. Prevent using wipes that contain alcohol or perfume because they can make matters worse instead of getting them under control.

6) Cold compressors:

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It can help numb the pain and relieve swelling at a temporary basis. You can use ice packs or cold compressors, it should always be wrapped up in a towel and anything frozen should never be applied directly to the affected areas to avoid making the hemorrhoids worse.

7) Stool softeners:

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Fiber supplements and stool softeners like psyllium reduce constipation, soften the stool and help with painless bowel movements. They come in the form of powders, capsules, and liquid which you can swallow through the mouth once or thrice in a day.

8) Loose, cotton clothing:

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Clothes manufactured from ultra-breathable cotton keep the anal area clean and dry. This can help reduce the symptoms. Don’t use perfumed detergents and fabric softeners to reduce irritation at all costs. Making some minor changes in your day-to-day habits and diet routine hither and tither plays a great role in avoiding not only hemorrhoids but other health problems as well. High fiber foods and regular exercise, on the other hand, is the best and most obvious way to prevent piles or hemorrhoids.