Healthy Ways To Get A Perfect Sound Sleep

Get A Perfect Sound Sleep

Good sleep is equally important as maintaining a healthy diet or exercising regularly. Poor sleep quality can negatively affect your health, including brain function. It increases the chances of developing illnesses and gaining weight.

Over the past few years, with the increase in usage of smartphones, both sleep quality and quantity have reduced.

So, here are some healthy ways to get a good night’s sleep:

The first thing you need to do is to reduce blue light exposure after the sunsets. Computers and smartphones emit blue light, disturbing your circadian rhythm and preventing you from getting deep sleep. You can also wear special glasses that block blue light.

On the other hand, increasing exposure to bright light during the day can have the opposite effect. Bright light or natural sunlight during the daytime keeps your circadian rhythm healthy. This results in increased energy during the day, more nighttime sleep duration, and better sleep quality.

Many people use caffeine to stay alert, but this could have an adverse effect on sleep quality. So, don’t take energy drinks and caffeine after the evening.

Regular exercise during the daytime can improve sleep quality but don’t do it before bedtime as this will have an adverse effect.

Use relaxation techniques to help clear your mind before you sleep. This will let you doze off faster. Deep breathing, taking a hot bath, or reading a book are some ways to relax.

Long daytime naps could also reduce your night sleep quality since you are so well-rested during the day that you can’t sleep on time at night. Only short naps during the afternoon are preferable.

Sleeping and waking up at consistent times can set your circadian rhythm on the right track, which will help you to sleep at the right time. Irregular sleeping patterns can result in poor sleep, so avoid them.

Consider watching this video to know more about how to manage sleep disorders…

Don’t consume alcohol. Alcohol reduces the production of melatonin, in turn disrupting the body’s circadian rhythm. This leads to disturbed sleep patterns.

Optimizing the environment of your bedroom by minimizing noise and external light can make you sleep faster. Temperature also plays a part in determining your sleep quality. A room that is too warm or too cold won’t let you sleep properly. So, make sure to set the right temperature level around 20°C for many people.

Poor quality beds can increase the chances of developing lower back pain which will hinder your sleep. It is a good practice to replace your bedding or mattress if they are causing sleeping issues.

Lower the intake of fluids 1 to 2 hours before bed and try to empty your bladder right before sleeping. This will reduce the chances of waking up during the “best sleep hours.”

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