Healthiest Places To Live In

Healthiest Places To Live In

If our surroundings and overall environment is healthy, it surely represents a quality lifestyle. Living in a clean and safe place increases the life expectancy of both healthy and ill patients. It promotes a sense of well-being and imparts positive changes in our physical health. All of us try to keep our home clean, but that is not just needed for a healthy lifestyle, what if you step out and a wave of dust crosses you? An excellent place to live in should be free from all kinds of pollution, be it air, water, land or noise pollution. We should try to make it possible! But to those who are planning to move to better areas of the world, these places must be on the list including and here are the reasons why 


Spain has been ranked as the world healthiest place in the year 2019, beating all other 169 countries. It is considered healthy because there is a minimum risk of developing diseases like obesity or hypertension. A strict anti-smoking law has been enforced in bars and restaurants. 


Italy ensures a high quality of life with its entirely clean environment and access to a Mediterranean diet including fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry and fishes and availability of clean water to its citizens make the peoples’ life worth living. According to a study, a baby born in Italy can live up to 80 years. 


Iceland is heaven itself. It provides a pollution-free and calming environment, which is food for every healthy body. Iceland has been ranked for offering the healthiest diet to its people and crowned for poultry and its focus on fishes. Due to intense winter blues and less availability to sunlight, the people are fond of regularly hit the gym. 


Next is Japan. A highly social bonded region with no gender discrimination, leading to a comfortable place to live in and grow. Its beautiful sites with rain, colorful flowers, and mountains promote mental peace. A proper sanitary system, healthy food, less population makes it one of the healthiest places to live. 


It is also known as heaven on earth, which is covered with greenery and an aesthetic environment promoting life expectancy and less prone to vulnerable diseases. It offers financial stability, ease of living, natural beauties, and a mix of different cultures with full freedom to celebrate. If you can afford a Swiss passport, you must think about moving there. 


Sweden has ranked among the top 10 healthiest places. People tend to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. It has a high literacy rate, and a maintained healthcare system. The government provides free schooling, sick leaves, a minimum of five weeks of vacation, and a lot more facilities to its people. 

Other than the countries mentioned above, Australia, which gives a whole new experience of beaches, adventures, and access to fresh and healthy food, Singapore, Norway, and Israel, also ranked among the top 10 healthiest countries of 2019. The reasons behind ranking are the low malnutrition rates, higher literacy rates, and awareness about health, lifestyles, and cleanliness. 

These places do not claim to live forever, but living there will make you live a lot more than average. These places have all the ingredients within themselves that are needed to maintain a healthy living and mental peace without making you work a lot for it. 

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