Health Benefits Of Guava

Health Benefits Of Guava

Not only the guava fruit but also its leaves are very beneficial. Guava is a yellow or light green, oval-shaped fruit with many edible seeds in it. People use guava leaves in herbal teas and its leaf extract as a supplement.

Guava comprises various nutrients, including a rich amount of vitamin C, potassium,  antioxidants, and fiber.

Let’s take a look at the many health benefits guava provides us:

Guava helps control blood sugar levels. Extract from guava leaves helps in insulin resistance, long-term blood sugar control, and blood sugar levels, beneficial for diabetic patients. Guava extract also benefits people who are at risk of developing diabetes as it eliminates the chances of this disease.

There are various ways how Guava protects the heart and promotes good heart health. Damage done by free radicals can be treated with antioxidants and vitamin C present in guava leaves. Potassium and fiber present in Guava helps enrich heart health.

Eating ripe Guava can help lower blood pressure, decrease bad cholesterol to an extent and increase good cholesterol excessively.

Many women suffer from severe menstrual cramps, which discourages them from going to work or school. Women are always looking for natural ways to cure menstrual cramps, and guavas can be the solution to their problems. Leaf extract of Guava in regular use helps reduce period cramps and works better than most painkillers.

Guavas contain healthy dietary fiber, which aids in improved digestion. It also protects from constipation and promotes healthy bowel movements. Only one Guava is enough to fulfill your daily fiber intake. It also helps in diarrhea by reducing its intensity and duration.

We call guavas a weight-loss-friendly fruit full of calories and fiber, giving a long, fulfilling feeling to a person, making him eat less and crave food in low amounts. This process helps people suffering from obesity, and other weight problems cut down their weight in a healthy way.

Guava leaves give a beneficial extract that has anti-cancer qualities. Studies have shown that it can put a stop to cancerous cell development. A huge number of antioxidants in Guava are the reason for protecting the cell damage caused by free radicals. Some studies also prove guava leaf extract to be more beneficial than some cancer drugs.

Deficiency of vitamin C results in a weaker immune system which means the inability to protect from various diseases and illnesses. Guavas contain a prosperous amount of vitamin C, which enables your immune system to fight against a large number of viruses and bacteria. It also ends the cold and flu rapidly.

Guavas can be good for your skin as it is full of vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin glowing, healthy and away from damage. It also slows down the skin aging process, prevents wrinkles, and gives you a fresh, youthful look. Its leaf extract can treat acne if you apply it directly to your skin, but you need to be careful of the quantity and allergic reactions.

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