Health Benefits OF Asparagus


A spring vegetable, Asparagus is packed with various nutritional elements that are able to generate many health benefits for you. There are tons of benefits of asparagus.  When you buy asparagus from the grocery store or from a farmer, the best thing to do is to eat it right away. The best thing about this vegetable is that it goes well with all other spring vegetables like peas, potatoes, garlic, and many more that suits your taste. This vegetable is filled with so many healthy vitamins like vitamin A, E, C, and K.

Thanks to these all nutrients in this vegetable, you can get some serious health benefits by including it in your daily diet.

Below are some health benefits listed of asparagus;

Weight loss:


Asparagus is known to be low in calories and fats like if you take one cup of asparagus daily that makes it about 32 calories in total. Asparagus contains a soluble amount of fiber in it which makes it a great deal for losing weight. Human body digests fiber very slow which makes you feel full until the next meal. Just to make sure that you don’t feel hungry, you should eat asparagus with a hard-boiled egg which satisfies your appetite.

  • Provides antioxidants:


The purple asparagus, in particular, provides you anthocyanins, which have the antioxidants effects that help your body in fighting the damaging radicals in it. While preparing this vegetable, try not to undercook or even overcook it, keep it balanced. Overcooking asparagus would cause the vitamins in it leech out.

  • Brain booster :

Another amazing health benefit of this delicious vegetable is that it helps in preventing the cognitive decline of the human brain. Like many other green vegetables, asparagus is a source of folate that, in coordination with vitamin B12, works to adjust the cognitive impairment.

  • Urinary tract:


Asparagus vegetable consists of high level of amino acid in it, named as asparagine. The presence of this amino acid makes asparagus naturally diuretic. Consuming more asparagus helps in the flush excessive fluid and the amount of salt in your body. This helps in preventing the urinary infections. A diet with more asparagus helps you avoid the painful infections.

  • Good for your mood:

As we know that asparagus is full of folate, and also the vitamin B. This B vitamin helps in lifting up your mood and build up your spirit for your daily routine. People who don’t consume the proper amount, are likely to be affected by depression. Other than vitamin B, asparagus also comes with tryptophan in it that links to the improvement in mood.

The most common type of asparagus is the green one, but you also be might able to see, purple and white, in various supermarkets and restaurants. It doesn’t matter that what type you choose, all that matters that asparagus is a delicious vegetable and can be cooked in a versatile way with many dishes and even it is edible in raw form too.

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