Habits that Cause Weight Gain


It can either be your lifestyle or small unhealthy habits that make you gain some extra weight in all the efforts you are making on daily basis to actually lose some weight. There are things people should be aware of that actually tends to put on some extra pounds. Make yourself well-aware of any habit that you adopt in your daily life and quickly get rid of it if it is unhealthy in one way or another.


Habits that cause weight gain:


Bad habits while watching:


Yes, it’s a general concept that you have to eat while watching TV, or a movie either in cinema or home. Yes, you might fall hungry while watching a movie of 2 hours or one episode after an another, but it is not right to not take your hand out of the bag. This way you don’t even realize how much are you eating and sometimes even speedy than the normal routine. So, if you are watching a movie or an episode on daily basis, you need to figure out how much snacks you take in that hours. Take your hand out before it’s too late or set a small proportion for yourself instead of consuming a whole lot of bag daily.


Lack of sleep:


If you stay awake for long hours especially during the night, you tend to feel hungry more than the usual. It can either be if you plan to watch out a movie in the weekend, working late or just hanging out with your friends. Whatever the case is you usually feel out hungry and consume your sleeping hours as well. It will not affect your health, but your diet and ultimately your mental health too. As it affects the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates your appetite and sleep as well. Also, studies show that lack of sleep tends to more fat storage in your body.


Treats Afterwards:


You might be addicted to something sweet after every dinner or lunch and may treat yourself in a special way. But that’s not quite likely when it comes to your health. You can replace it either with some green tea that suits your health too and activates the digestive system as well. Yes, eating a bit of something sweet is not very unlikely but consuming a whole brownie or a bowl of trifle may help to put on some extra calories and make you uncomfortable too.


Eating while Shopping:


Another common concept of shopping is eating as well. People nowadays are fond of shopping and eating as well. They love to hang out, do the grocery and eat at the end. These unnecessary eating habits also put on extra weight and aggravate the urge of eating fast food as well. For this, you need to make a list of things and just stick to it and return back home. If you still feel hungry or the shopping is taking any longer you can make a sandwich for yourself from home. It is safe and healthy as well and prevents you from gaining calories.


Move a step ahead:


Let’s say if you are going to pick someone from the airport which usually takes long hours or working in an office, or due to any reason you won’t be home and may skip a meal. Then, instead of going for something junk you can make your lunch box when leaving from home and enjoy your home-made meal which is healthy and safe as well. Believe me, you won’t gain any extra calorie and will be safe as well.


Choose your drinks wisely:


Don’t get grabby when it comes to drinking. Among alcohol, beer, wine, soft drinks etc. water makes itself the best choice. It not only keeps you hydrated in summer but aggravates your metabolic system as well. If you don’t find it (which is not possible unless you don’t want to), lime juice is the second-best choice for your body, especially in summer. All other liquors will tend to raise your calories and too much of them will spoil your drinking habits too. Hence water saves all your money and health too.


Don’t ever skip your Breakfast:


Children who get up early and rush to school or office workers usually miss out their breakfast as they do not feel hungry in the morning. But this is the worst of all habits that not only let you gain extra calories but affect the health of mind and body directly. You can take some fresh fruit or whole-grain cereal if you do not tend to eat much but at least take something to give your metabolism a push. The body has already been fasting whole night, in this way missing your breakfast won’t let you perform the whole day.


Set the right proportion:


Do not just eat what is being served to you. Instead of a healthy and proper diet plan stick to the right proportion of fats, proteins, and carbs. This will not only help you get rid of gaining calories but help maintain good health too. the right proportion of all the minerals and nutrients keep each and every organ of the body working and in good health too. be cautious about your diet as it directly affects the mind and body. For good health keep a balanced proportion of everything on daily basis.


Slathering sandwiches:


Yes, it is right to stick to some snacks or mid-day deals such as soups, sandwiches, salads etc. but it is not right to put an extra amount of mayo, sauces, or cheese which won’t benefit you at all. The snacks are of no importance unless you quit on these caloric food items. Get yourself aware of all the healthy items and healthy eating habits and see the difference in your mental and physical activities too.


This was all about little, ignorant habits that not only put on extra calories on your body but are unhealthy too. Get rid of them as soon as you can.

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