Five Things Strong Women Don’t Care About


The female gender is usually defined as the weak, dominated, oppressed and easily manipulated section of the society. This is the old, stereotypical thinking where women are considered inferior to men. Some are dominated by husbands, others have to bare the ruthful glances their father passes them because they have a ‘burden’ in their house. And this is all that led them to shed tears in front of men and beg for their mercy to treat them as humans. But there are women who long understood the techniques of the world where there were humans but no humanity. So, they started caring less and less and within no time they were at the stage where they didn’t give a damn about anything at all.

1) People’s opinion:

Doctor ASKY / Strong Women

Strong women don’t ponder over their decisions and plans procrastinating in fear of ‘what would people say?’ Because they couldn’t care much about the society’s opinion. They don’t want to see things from other’s point of view to know what is better for them. They are smart enough to decide on their own.

2) Latest fashions:

Doctor ASKY / Strong Women

Such women only wear clothes that they are easy in and do fashion that they are satisfied with. They don’t try to embrace every other fashion that comes out. They don’t try to wear clothes with all those weird cuts just for the sake of keeping up with the current trends. No matter how much weird glances people pass their way for wearing old-fashioned clothes, they are content with whatever they wear.

3) Going with the flow:

Doctor ASKY / Strong Women

Strong women don’t just opt something for them which is trending. For example, nowadays more and more people are focused towards medical and business while other fields are somehow being neglected and unpopular. So, the thing is that they don’t care how unpopular or over-dated the thing is they are opting for, they know for a fact what they are good at and what they have to do for a better life. As Madonna so confidently says,

“I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”

4) Finding ‘someone special’:

Doctor ASKY / Strong Women

Such women are quite content with their own company. They may go out to random parties but they don’t want someone to accompany them. It’s not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with spending your bachelor years peacefully instead of restlessly waiting for prince charming who is never going to come. It is stupid to be looking forward to a thing that is never going to happen. It is a little bit childish too. The thing is that they don’t like making castles in the air only to cry after on spilled milk.

5) Social websites:

Doctor ASKY / Strong Women

Strong women don’t like going with the flow. They don’t give a damn about posting pictures on Instagram, sending streaks and stories on snapchat and tweeting on twitter for every other little thing they do. Because they don’t want other people invading their privacy and knowing what things they find pleasure in. They just appreciate the beauty of nature if they are gone sightseeing because they know that the true beauty of a thing cannot be caught on screen.


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