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Experts revealed the most likely first symptoms of COVID-19


With this new Coronavirus outbreak around the globe, which has no cure, precautions have become a valuable tool to survive this epidemic. With the known symptoms of the virus, patients can approach for medical assistance as soon as possible, to avoid severe complications and loss of life.

From the viral infection patients earlier, doctors found that most of the complaints about and narrated an almost story. They talked about a symptom that we don’t know until now. What we know as symptoms of COVID-19 is flu, fever, and dry cough.

The same history was traced back to historic pandemics when the viral outbreaks happened. It is said that if a person can’t smell or taste garlic or onion, he should quarantine as soon as possible as it is a sign of a virus, deadly perhaps, living inside his body. It is essential for public health and safety (Christian, 2020).

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These symptoms were found in earlier virus pandemics, including the very known SARS-CoV-2 in 2003.

Experts have also mentioned perceptions of this fact. Many of them are not sure if this is true, but a large number of similar stories give weight to this perception. It happens because the virus culture accumulates quickly into the taste buds and nasal cells, making them inefficient to taste or smell, respectively (Rabin, 2020).

Therefore, the first symptom that may appear as a prove of coronavirus attack is the loss of tasting or smelling abilities. Some patients also reported losing both of them before they could find fever, flu, or cough. As a fact, the Coronavirus also resides in the throat and larynx. It might start accumulation a bit earlier in the mouth and nasal cavity (Ritter, 2020).

Whatever it opts to be, Coronavirus has no cure discovered yet and must be handled with great care. Although 100 thousand people have already recovered from about 396,236 infections, a scientist hasn’t understood the reason behind their recovery. They were only given painkillers and fever medicines, and keep in quarantine for the time they were infected. It is also clear that 20% of the total patients were affected more than usual and required oxygen supplies and ventilators for their treatment. However, no particular treatment measure was there to cure COVID-19.

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As the world is not familiar with the possible cure of this virus, taking precautions and knowing about the symptoms is better to help prevent this outbreak.

One should tend not to become the source of this virus for further people around him or her.

The world is practicing quarantine and lockdown throughout. Isolation and prevention from the gathering are being practiced. People are trying to exercise social distancing and tend to elevate their immunity by consuming excellent and healthy drinks and foods like fruits, meat, and pulses. Also, people should maintain hygiene in themselves and their surroundings as the virus is airborne. Using masks and gloves is an excellent way to prevent exposure to this virus.

Yet, if one observes any of the symptoms, including the loss of taste, or smell, he should isolate at their earliest and consult the medical specialists for a screening test.

Let’s fight corona together.

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