Effects Of Coffee On Your Brain

Effects Of Coffee On Your Brain

Coffee is the oldest form of beverage; human beings are using coffee since ancient times and passing it down through generations. Be it a teenager or an aged person; everyone loves coffee!

Like everything, coffee has numerous side effects that are both positive and negative.

It’s no wonder coffee can give you all the power you want. It boosts up your energy levels and helps you wake up in the morning, but this effect doesn’t stay there for long, it’s temporary, the researchers’ belief that the half-life of coffee in a healthy adult is 5 to 6 hours after that caffeine leaves your system leaving you tired and fatigued.

Consider watching this Video to know is Coffee Good or Bad.

You also may notice that the strong smell of freshly brewed coffee beans draws you to itself to the point that you can’t resist having a cup or two, and even when you have a lot of coffee you may find yourself hungry after a few hours, coffee supposedly triggers your hunger, it stimulates insulin secretion which later reduces the blood sugar levels leading to excessive hunger!

Researches show that drinking too much coffee may lead to a notably faster heartbeat, it also provokes rhythmic heartbeat patterns. Moreover, If the habit of drinking too much coffee stays with a person most probably of older age, it may cause him severe cardiac arrest, most commonly known as a heart attack.

There are different ways the organs work in your body, and the arousal and stimulation of various hormones like Epinephrine (the fear, fight, flight) become active. Caffeine also works as an antioxidant, which prevents clogging of arteries and blocks plaques to build. But on the other hand, a surplus of drinking coffee solidifies your arteries. The stimulation of the dopamine receptors in the brain are the cause of caffeine. People who love coffee should always take care of their water intake because coffee often makes you feel dehydrated.

Furthermore, taking large portions of caffeine can also disturb your stomach and cause diarrhea and recurring peeing. But let’s look at the better side of consuming a favorable amount of caffeine, the laxative properties help in the prevention of constipation. Extremely high doses can lead to adverse effects that conflict with daily living and can even lead to serious health problems.

So, how much coffee are you drinking lately?

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