Effective Leadership


Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is an art, it’s a way of getting things done in an efficient way, and it’s something that people admire off. Not everyone can become a leader. It requires special skills, and a person might have to go through complex kind of training. On the other hand, Most of the people are innately leaders. They don’t have to go for training, and by birth, they know every basic of it. But, most leaders are made by the difficult circumstances around them, the hardships that they go through and life teach them everything at a very early age.

Leadership is not an easy task, for a leader has to be extraordinary. Not only does he need to keep himself steadfast throughout the journey and remain steadfast but he also needs to keep his teammates motivated and focused on the target. Moreover, the leader has to learn from his mistakes and make his teammates avoid those mistakes in the future. The leader also needs to understand his team members, should incorporate their views and respect their opinions. Thus leaders have to be patient enough and not lose hope until the last breath.

Leaders need to remain calm throughout and not let his team member down. Even if the leader is feeling down on any occasion, he ought not to make his subordinates feel in any way that their leader is down. The leader needs to keep his team morale up. Furthermore, the leader should not fear of losing. The following are the personality traits a person should have to possess to be an effective leader.

1-    The leaders shall maintain a positive attitude:

Most of the times, the leaders lose their hope too early and as a result make their teammates morale down. The leaders have to keep their attitude positive. The leader has to avoid negative thoughts and should be focused throughout.

2-    The leaders should know their team and themselves well:

Successful leaders are those who put an effort from the very beginning trying to know his team members. On the other hand, it is not only that the leader has to have know-how about his teammates but also he needs to understand himself. Knowing your teammates will make it for a leader to assign the tasks easily, based on the strengths and weakness of your teammates. On the other hand, knowing yourself will particularly allow to judge your skills and to put yourself on the task that is far more difficult than you would have anticipated.

3-    Creating an inspiring vision of the future:

Leaders must be artistic in showing the pathway to their mates and guide them through until the end. Leaders must have that vision and wisdom and to have the need to fight till the end to accomplish whatever the task is at hand. Furthermore, the leaders should also be inspiring enough to ensure that everyone remains focused till the end. Most of the time, the teammates lose hope and feel like losing the game beforehand. In this situation, the leaders must help their teammates and make them feel like that there is always hope.

4-    Coaching and Building a team:

One of the most important aspects of effective leadership is to have the proper tools and to train your team before any task to achieve. Moreover, the teammates also need to cooperate with the leader at every stage to make things easier for the leader to proceed. Sometimes, the teammates do not accept their leader and consider themselves as master of it. Until and unless the teammates do not accept their leader as ‘leader’, things will remain complicated throughout.

5-    Maintain two-way communication:

One of the biggest issues that prevail during a certain process is the lack of communication between the players and leaders. Sometimes, the leader miscommunicates and on the other hand, the players misunderstand their leaders, and as a result of which the task at hand remains unaccomplished. There should be strong two-way communication and both the sides need to be equally balanced so as to proceed with the task without any interruption. The leader needs to take in confidence his certain players and make them understand at every point the difficulties that might arise. He also needs to ensure the proper maintenance of the tools at every point in time as, without proper tools, the game might go against you.

6-    Never give up:

Sometimes, the team players lose their hope after losing one of the tasks and feel like the end of this world. While the teammates might have been on the losing side, the leader needs to motivate their players even after a losing a game. Winning and losing is a part of a game and there is always a second chance. If you lose once, it is not necessarily that you lose a second.



There is quite a bit difference between the leader and leadership. The leader is the one who manages and who guides this teammates, while the leadership is a quality that is there within the leader. The leadership is not an easy task to handle. Not only the leader needs to be mentally strong, but he also needs to be psychologically strong. On another hand, the leader needs to be aware of that he might have to face the criticisms. He should be courageous enough to listen to every criticism and further needs to learn from the mistakes. The leader should also be aware of the fact that he needs to have trust on his teammates and need to cheer them up every now then. The leader should also be aware of the fact that the teammates who are not mentally strong and end up leaving the task in the middle of it, he should have a backup plan to avoid any hectic at the end.

“I am not afraid by the of an army of lion led by sheep, I am afraid of the army of sheep led by lion”

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