Easy Life Hacks to Kick your Metabolism


Life is all about improving it day by day. If you are strong and committed to an improved lifestyle, you may start with simple and easy steps to make bigger changes in your life. it will not only let you flourish in your own way but enhances your personality as well. It could either be to your daily habits, morning or night rituals, diet plans, or choices that you tend to make to an improved lifestyle. Here are some tips to Kick your Metabolism .


Starting small is no small deal until or unless you are looking forward to achieving some long-term weight loss goals in your life. For this, you must adopt a healthy habit every other week once you get committed to the previous one. You can then follow on to next commitments that will ultimately make your routine healthy and happy. For this, you must switch to the things that give an extra “kick” to your metabolism, as the system needs to be kept in running as it matters a lot to the health of your mind and body.

Let’s just swift smoothly into a world of changes that you pick for your own self and don’t take it hard on yourself. Take your time and start adopting these life-hacks one by one.

Easy Life Hacks to Follow:

Choose a Bedtime Ritual:


One of our worst bedtime habits could be eating before going to bed or when you are just about to sleep. The studies have shown so far that eating before sleep triggers a set of imbalance hormonal series that leads to weight gain, irregular sleep cycles, insomnia, mood disorders like stress and depression.

The body needs a time of 2-3 hours at least to digest a meal. So, eating just before its time to bed won’t let your food to be digested and can cause a disturbance in sleep, bloating, gas, and feeling heavy the next morning.

While, on the other hand, those who take a regular sleep of 7 hours tend to have an active metabolic system, lower body mass indexes, less abdominal fat. Another thing that matters the most to a disturbed sleep cycle is watching television or computer or cell phones before the bedtime. The tip to an energized and restful sleep cycle is complete abstinence from all the things that you know will disrupt your sleep.


Drink between meals, not in between meals:


Heavy meals require an active enzymatic system to break the larger compounds into its smaller components. Drinking too much of water in between the meals lead to the dilution of this systems and tends to slow it down. Thus, preventing them from doing their job and leading to weight gain. While drinking clean water between the meals or herbal tea during the day has been known to keep your metabolic system active and improves digestion of the food and elimination of the waste. We need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day and even more when it is warm or you are exercising intensely. Also, if you have consumed dehydrating foods, you better drink a lot of water to eliminate the risks.


Watch out on every drink you sip:


You might be getting crazy to buy you a mug of creamy comforts, sweet sippers, or other beverages that you find best in the town. But you may not know how much weight it puts on you every year. According to a study published by the “Journal of Nutrition”, it reveals that consuming soda adds extra 2-3 pounds to your weight every year. As the years go by, all these calories add up to overall body fat. On the other hand, there is another study who showed that people who clean more of pure water have a faster metabolism and fewer body fats.

There are also certain teas to replace your beverages such as green tea, white tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, oolong tea that is best to speed up your digestion and helps weight loss.

You better cut off all the drinks that include sweeteners, alcohol, fat, and artificial ingredients one by one and rely on pure water and herbal teas to step forward to a better and healthy lifestyle.


Healthy soups and stews:


Taking healthy soups or stews before your regular meals make you eat less when it comes to the big meals and fills your appetite rather earlier which is definitely less caloric consumption than consuming mere heavy meals.


You better avoid heavy soups or starter servings at the restaurants as they are full of fatty ingredients or things that won’t be healthy. The best soups to follow are the healthy vegetable soups that you make for yourself at home. This could also be bone broths, or savory stews if you get bored of the vegetables. The trick is to just keep going for whatever you like for yourself but must be healthy anyway. These are enriched in fiber and proteins, work as detoxifying agents boosts the immunity and definitely make you consume fewer calories at your meal time.


Give me some “Sunshine”:


The research has shown that healthy levels of vitamin D in the body are a source of good health and weight management, a compound that body makes itself when exposed to sunlight. People living in the Northern area are quite deficient in this very vitamin. But whenever its sunshine, you ought to get outside in the sun and make your skin exposed to the light to maintain the sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body. And when its cold outside or you can’t see the sun for days, start taking vitamin D3 supplements. As the deficiency will lead to weight gain and other health problems as well.


These were some of the simple tips that you can start right now adding to your daily “to do list” and make assure that it will bring all the positive changes to your life and most importantly to your health of both mind and body.

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