Easy exercises you can do at home during the coronavirus Pandemic


During this pandemic infection by coronavirus, governments and WHO have recommended to stay home and labeled it as a lockdown. This virus is so deadly that it spreads without any clue from one individual to another through the breath. The saliva droplets in the breath can rapidly lead to the transmission of the disease. It is, therefore, essential for the citizens and the government to maintain social distancing and to avoid any close contact with each other. The more we stay away from each other and make ourselves isolated, the less we lead to the transmission of the disease.

Washing your hands frequently, keeping yourself clean, and maintaining a social distance, eating healthy foods, consuming vitamin and supplements are essential preventive measures which keep us away from coronavirus. With lock-down maintained, all of us must take care of our health and perform basic exercises at home to maintain ourselves in shape. With this curfew going on, all our health centers, gyms, and workout places are out of reach, but mental and physical health is essential to stay fit and smart. Have a look at the basic exercises which you can do at home during the corona outbreak:


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You might find it easier to perform, but you must deliver it in the right posture. Make sure you follow an appropriate technique when you perform push-ups:

  1. Maintain your shoulders, hips, and spine in proper alignment. 
  2. Maintain your hands in position , i.e., shoulder-width-apart , i.e., a little wide.
  3. Now bend the elbows along with your lower body in touch with the ground.
  4. Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle.
  5. Now start 3-4 sets of 5 push-ups and increase your limit accordingly.


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Before getting started with basic exercises, you need some training to warm up, and jumping jacks is one of the best ones for getting started. It is a simple workout and begins with the following:

  1. Stand up and widespread your legs, now keep the shoulders apart and start jumping with hands up and touching overhead.
  2. Now get back to the same position and keep your arms over the side. Now start again and do some reps.
  3. Find enough space to perform this position and perform three sets of 10 jumping jacks each.


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You might find it easier when you see in the picture or when you read it, but when you are going to attempt it, you will find a stretch and lot of effort to maintain this posture. Perform this posture in the following way:

  1. Find some wall in the house where you can relax and lean over.
  2. Sit against the wall as if you are pretending to sit on the chair. Lean over the wall with your legs placed in a 90-degree angle.
  3. Stand in the posture by holding your position. Keep your back straight and maintain this position for three to four minutes.
  4. Soon you will start feeling your burn in the legs, and once you become a pro at it, try holding this position for a long time. Do this work out three times each in 3 reps.


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For performing sit-ups, you must know that core-strength is essential.

  1. Lie down over your back against the ground.
  2. Now bend the legs and keep your feet firmly over the ground. Maintain this posture effectively to enjoy effective results.
  3. Now cross the hands and place it behind the back. Avoid pulling your neck once you do this position. Now bring the upper body to touch your chin and then towards the knees.
  4. Follow this posture for three sets and 8 in each.  


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  1. While performing this workout, stand with the feet in close approximation.
  2. Clasp your hands behind the head, and now push the hips back in a half-squat position. 
  3. Now jump the feet out over the sides and maintain squat position.
  4. Now go back to your start position and do it again.
  5. Perform this workout for 20 seconds and maintain this posture for three reps.


It is one of the effective and comfortable workouts. Perform cobra pose in the following pose:

  1. Lie down on the ground over your stomach while keeping your hands over the side.
  2. Now place the palms of your hands over the ground , i.e., beneath the shoulders.
  3. Lift the chest and straighten your arms.
  4. Now gaze up and hold your position for around 20-30 seconds, hold this position and feel a stretch in your chest and abdomen.
  5. Repeat the same posture for three reps and eight times each.


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This workout is one big deal to perform.

  1. Sit over the edge of the chair while gripping the edge.
  2. Now place your feet in front of yourself.
  3. If you are a beginner, then bent the legs, and once you become an expert, then hold the legs straight.
  4. Now lower down your elbows at a 90-degree angle and come back to the same posture.
  5. Repeat this position ten times in each set of 3.

Perform these workouts effectively and maintain a healthy weight without going to the gyms. Other than these exercises, you can use weights, resistance bands, water bottles, or other stuff hanging around at your place to perform workouts effectively. Make some changes in your workout regime and avoid adopting a sedentary lifestyle.


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