Double Lung Transplant Needed To Cure Vape Related Lung Injury

Double Lung Transplant
  • As a result of vaping, a teen had to go through a double lung transplant.
  • Dr. Hassan Nemeh, the surgical director of thoracic organ transplant at Henry Ford Health System, claimed that this boy was facing an immediate death without a lung transplant he had received now.
  • Dr. John Scott, a pulmonologist and the director of the Mayo Clinic’s transplant center, says vaping can lead to devastating results if not stopped at first.
  • Also, lung transplant is the last treatment provided to the patient suffering from lung-related injuries.
  • Although, drugs, steroids, ventilators help a person breathe, or a combination of these techniques, are used in many life-threatening situations.
  • The Detroit-based teen is the first one to get a double transplant in the hundreds of hospitalizations for vape related injuries.
  • Dr. John Scott says, not everyone needs a double lung transplant in their case, some people might need a single lung transplant.
  • Due to the rising scale of lung injuries, people are bound to get a double lung transplant.
  • A single or double transplant is identified by several factors, including the conditions a person has.
  • Dr. Scott said, a variety of factors, including the conditions a person has, whether both lungs are damaged and to what extent, and if there’s a possibility one lung could infect the other if only one is replaced.
  • A double lung transplant usually involves the same donor, a dead person donates their organs, and this is best suited for people with infectious diseases or high blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure will make blood flow to the new lung before it can work properly.

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  • Excess blood flow will soon after surgery damages the single new lung, which is a disadvantage of a single lung transplant.
  • It is not a concern with double-lung transplants.
  • Age is also important to take into consideration if a person has to go through a lung transplant.
  • Teens usually are healthy and more medically active than older people, so they are ideal candidates for a double transplant procedure.
  • It takes about six to eight hours for a double lung transplant.
  • For a patient who needs quick surgery, a single lung transplant can be an option.
  • Mostly for an older person or anyone susceptible to infections.
  • There’s a high demand for lung transplants, but there are not enough lungs.
  • It can take a lot of time before a person is matched with the right lung.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, double-lung replacements tend to recover soon rather than a single lung transplant.
  • Nonetheless, the road to recovery isn’t fast.
  • The hospital shared this case for social awareness among vape users.
  • This teen’s healing will be a “slow, painful process.”
  • We need to encourage them to stop vaping.
  • If you want to live a healthy life with healthy lungs, stop vaping.

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