Don’t Sabotage your attitude


Life is not that easy as it is being perceived by many. It is all about ups and downs; difficulties; and not merely only to live. If life were easy to live, everyone would have been living happily. And people would not die off or commit suicide due to depression. Now the question that arises in one’s mind is: if life is not easy and people usually face difficulties such as depression, anxiety, what shall be done to live a happier life? The answer lies in one’s attitude. Don’t Sabotage your attitude. It all depends how a person comprehends, discern and recognize a particular problem in his life. It depends on what action one takes while solving a particular problem. It is not about merely overlooking a problem and hoping that everything would go fine on its own. The person does not need to panic around; nor should he lose hope quickly. Further, he should have the courage to face every problem he faces. Following are the ways that can be followed in order to face every problem. Obviously, these ways would not solve your issues but they would make you face them courageously.

Don’t consider life as a mockery.

One often considers life a joke and therefore one does not take it seriously. And in the moments of the utmost seriousness even, one takes it as a fun. Also, most of the times, it is taken for granted. This attitude of one’s will not only make it complicated for the person to resolve the issues, rather it would further aggravate the problem at hand. However, if a person learns to remain serious and calm at the crucial moments, the person would able to face the problems and solve them amicably. All he needs to do not panic and focuses deeply on the issue. As a result of which, he would be able to resolve the issue comfortably. After all, there is not even a single problem that cannot be solved. Thus, a person who learns to remain calm will often be successful in his life.

Your attitude matters:

Your attitude should not be about what’s happening in your life, rather it should be how you choose your attitude to be with what’s happening in your life. That’s the basic notion of your life. It all depends on you how you choose your life to live. No one else has the power or right to have control over your life. Regrettably, people allow others to play with their lives and at the end of the day, they end up committing suicide. You shall not be so dumb and not so mentally weak that you go about wandering about without having to solve your issues.

Go with the simple method:

Every time you face an issue, ask one thing from yourself: What would be the worst outcome that I might face if a certain problem happens to me? And the answer would simply be- death. So, death is the ultimate truth which is undeniable, unpardonable and rather it is going to come at you, no matter what happens. What are you frightened of then? Yes, the pain of death is unbearable; life is so beautiful that everyone wants to live forever but that is not possible. Death is going to come anyway. Thus, do not get frightened by the intensity of your problems, rather train your mind to such an extent that every problem seems to be so minute that you do not need to worry at all.

Be mentally prepared:

By making yourself mentally prepared for the realities of life, one can easily roam around without having any worries of getting dumped by someone. This will not only make a person mentally strong but rather one is always prepared for the worst outcome to occur. Most of the time, people take things for granted and hope that life would go as it is going. A rich may not remain rich his whole, he might lose all his wealth overnight. Similarly, a person may not think he would live with his loved ones all life, one or the other day, he would lose his loved ones as well. This is how it goes! Life is all unexpected, it is not going to take turns according to your wish; it will go right and left, up and down; some swirling around like a roller coaster. Thus, be prepared for all the negativities of your life that you might be hit by someone very hard.

Think Positive:

This notion is also one of the most important notions of life where thinking along with your thoughts does matter at some point in time. Whatever your thoughts be positive or negative- they would prevail. Psychologically, you would feel like you are the happiest person on this planet if you ponder that life is going accordingly. On the other hand, things would automatically against you the moment you start thinking negatively. This particular way of thinking does matter. No matter, how severe your problems are, thinking positively would make them seem little and would not affect your mental strength. Thus, the way you think, ponder over your issues does matter whatsoever.


Be a loin when all other are sheep! Set your life as an example for others. Don’t follow others; rather make your personality so charismatic that people become bound of following you. It is your life, not others, so no need to panic around. Be brave enough to solve every issue of your life. It’s your life and has control over it. No one is allowed to play with your feelings, neither is he to put in you some kind of depression. Workaround your neighborhood and check if you can help others and make their lives easier. In return, nature would help you. Don’t think negatively, for everyone has its own issues in his life. Bring in the change that the world desires, for you are the one who can change the world.

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