Does Hepatitis B Result In Liver Cancer?

Hepatitis B Result In Liver Cancer

Before jumping onto the exact cause of liver cancer, let’s dive in to find out what is liver cancer? This progressive and debilitating disease results in the multiplication of cancerous cells within the liver leading to the death of the normal cells. The cancerous cells are dangerous and result in the impairment of liver functions. There are nine different forms of liver cancer, out of which Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common one. Hepatocellular carcinoma commonly occurs due to Hepatitis B virus infections.

Various markers result in the progression of liver cancer, but did you ever wonder whether Hepatitis B can result in liver cancer or not? The number one leading cause of liver cancer is the Hepatitis B virus which results in chronic infections. Individuals who are chronically infected with Hepatitis B virus have a 30-40% chance of developing liver cancer. In the United States people are commonly infected with the Hepatitis C virus due to which most of the Americans are at a higher risk of developing cancer. However, the Hepatitis B virus remains the leading cause of liver cancer all over the globe i.e. around 40-50%.

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Other than the Hepatitis B virus, there are other additional factors which can also cause liver cancer like liver cirrhosis or excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, herbal supplements, excessive vitamin A intake, consumption of soft drinks, increased intake of Acetaminophen, illegal sharing of needles, diabetes, and obesity. Inherited liver diseases also increase your chance to suffer from liver cancer. Men are at higher risk of suffering from liver cancer when compared to women regardless of ethnicity or race. 

Liver cancer is considered the sixth most common cancer but it is the second leading cancer which results in deaths. Most of the people still assume that how Hepatitis B viral infection can convert into liver cancer. This virus replicates and results in Hepatitis which is the liver inflammation. The virus continuously attacks the liver and weakens the liver to carry out essential tasks like the removal of the toxins from the body and maintaining the blood sugar levels. Long-term or chronic infections result in liver cancer.

Preventing liver cancer and Hepatitis viral infections is essential. The educational onset is considered as the first main step to prevent liver cancer. If you are an active carrier of Hepatitis B virus infection, you should remain cautious regarding the risk factors, your behavior and lifestyle factors that can increase your chance to suffer from liver cancer and ultimately liver damage. Avoid consumption of alcohol, increased amount of junk foods, smoking and excess consumption of sugary foods. You can also prevent yourself against Hepatitis B virus infection through the anti-cancer vaccine which prevents liver cancer. Hepatitis B vaccine is given in three dosages which offer you lifetime protection. The first dose of the vaccine offers you with 50% protection, the second dose offers 80% protection while the third dose makes you 100% protected against Hepatitis B. Another preventive key against Hepatitis B virus infection is to get yourself screened if you feel like you fall in the high-risk group. The sooner you get yourself diagnosed, the better treatment you’ll receive and sooner you’ll be protected against the irreversible liver damage. As we have always considered that Prevention is better than cure!

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