Does A Heavy Flow Of Period Affect Your Health?

Effects of Heavy Periods On Your Health

Most women already dread periods because of the uncomfortable feelings, symptoms, blood flow, and cramps that follow with them. It is a mighty job to go through periods every month for a week, with pain and other symptoms but still carry out daily routine work and challenging activities. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge all those women who stay strong during this time and still manage every task. We salute you, women!

Having a heavy flow of periods and cramps some days is okay. But it is not okay when this condition happens all the time. If you face a heavy flow of periods and extreme period cramps that stop your other activities, then you might have Menorrhagia, and it is not common.

In menorrhagia, your period flow becomes so heavy that you have to wear double pads or change them every hour for the whole day. Your daily routine activities experience a halt because of your severe cramps. You keep waking up in the middle of the night to change your pad or tampon.

Heavy periods occur due to health problems that might be delicate but can lead to harmful health problems later. Do not ignore the condition if your pad or tampon gets full every hour or so; you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Some women have a heavy period flow since the first time they had their period, but it can be new and emerging for other women. Do not ignore it if it’s new for you because it can lead you to severe problems like anemia which makes a person tired, weak, out of breath, and exhausted all the time.

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It causes gasping and panting, tired feeling all the time, having periods more than a week, passing thick and huge blood clots, and going through unbearable pain.

There are many common causes of heavy periods. Let’s take a look at them.

Hormone problems cause heavy flow when the hormone imbalance disrupts the lining in the uterus, or the ovary doesn’t ovulate (release an egg).

When tumors like polyps and fibroids grow in your uterus, they cause heavy periods.

Other conditions like female cancers, problematic pregnancy, bleeding disorders, specific medications, endometriosis, thyroid problems, kidney and liver disease, and pelvic inflammatory disease are the causes of heavy flow periods.

Menorrhagia can b diagnosed through physical checkups, ultrasound, blood tests, and pap tests.

Heavy periods can result in iron deficiency, pale skin, fatigue, intolerable pain, extreme weakness, and anemia. Anemia reduces the red blood cells in your body and causes many complications in life. The pain from hemorrhagic can be so severe that it can require medical help.

Do you also experience heavy flow periods? If you do, what other symptoms do you feel? Please share your answers with us in the comments below,

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