Diets During Pregnancy


Diets During Pregnancy

Women have a wonderful gift from God in the form of motherhood. Nature ensures the survival of humankind in the form of running pregnancies. Though the advancement in scientific technology has tried to put some restrictions on the human race but seems like no one can stop this natural phenomenon of human growth. It is the design of nature and it has to be this way for the development of human race. It is important to know about diets during pregnancy.

Diet is the utmost priority for a woman when she gets pregnant. It’s generally considered that when you are pregnant you have to eat twice as there are two people relying on that diet but it’s not like that. Avoid overeating but do take sufficient quantity of vitamins, minerals, and proteins as the mother is the only source of diet for the baby.

The prenatal diet must also contain a specifies proportion of carbohydrates too as the complete absence of carbs from the pregnant mother’s diet results in the production of ketones in the bloodstream that may result in the risks of brain damage to the baby. Besides, the pregnant women may suffer from constipation too as the diet contains additional supplies of iron too for both the mother and the baby.

The prenatal food must also contain enough of fruits to ensure the intake of sufficient quantity of vitamins for the child and mother too. But the quantity must not exceed the required quantity as it may result in obesity especially the women who are diabetic, have low B.P or overweight.

Normally a low carbohydrate diet contains whole grains and fruits with a minimum quantity of white rice and pasta. If one is relying on high carbohydrate diet then it is suitable to go for frequent meals in a day. during pregnancy, one must avoid the processed meat as it contains fewer nutrients but more calories. And make sure that the sufficient quantity of nuts, salads, and fruits to be taken while pregnant. A large dose of spices, salt and sauces should be avoided as they are no good to mother’s health nor for the baby. The best option is to consult your gynecologist for a better and balanced diet prescription. As your prenatal food has the major role in your child’s health.

One can only be a good mother if she has all the knowledge about baby care and learns about post-delivery precautions. A woman should prepare herself before-hand for all the emotional and physical changes she is going to face during this period of pregnancy and afterward. The role of the husband is also equally important to give his wife the right confidence and make her prepare for the coming phase by his love and care.

The purpose of this article is to give you a good piece of information in the prenatal period and for those who are thinking to be a mother. You must prepare yourself before-hand and when confident you can take the step of getting pregnant. And once pregnant you need to take care of your diet and yourself too as now you own another life in you. This article is only for awareness purpose and not to be used in place of a medical advice. You must consult your gynecologist prior taking a diet or medication as she can best determine your situation.

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