Daily hair care tips everyone should follow


Daily hair care tips everyone should follow

Our hair makes us look confident, gorgeous , beautiful and bold. A study shows that people with hair gets more attention than those who are getting bald. Its a natural phenomenon that if your hair looks good more people will like it.

It is a harsh truth of today that our hair never fulfills our expectations on day to day basis. Some of you might feel a bit disappointed due to your hair. The simple reason is that you are not being able to take care of your hair and keep them as you want. In such circumstances you would have to spend more time taking care of your hair. If you know some basic hair care tips you will not only save your time but also your hair.

Before you dig into hair care, let us tell you about the important factors contributing to hair care. Majority of the biologists argue that the properties and characterestics of hair differs from person to person. Some factors are in your genes, and your DNA is responsible for your hair. The level of your hormones secreted also plays a role in your hair care. Sometimes people do try to do take the best care of their hair but fails to get good hair, its just because of the programming in their DNA.
Coming back to the topic , lets tell you about a few tips on Hair Care.

1 ) Diet is the most important part of our life. Sticking to healthy diet plays an important role in hair care.

2) Regular exercises, relaxation and keeping yourself stress free will improve the appearance and health of your hair.

3) A good night sleep is necessery for your relaxation and better hair. Sleeping with a bad mood is enought to get you into a bad hair day.

4) If you use cosmetics and hair styling products on your hair, make sure to check the labels and look for products which contain no alcohol. Avoid any product that contains a high amount of alcohol.

5) Breathing via your skin is necessery for healthy hair. If you use any products on your scalp you are blocking the pores on your head which will harm your scalp, your skin and your hair.

6) Swimming is considered as one of the best exercise for healthy life. but wait ! before you jump into the swimming pools make sure to protect your hair because there is a lot of chlorine in the pool which is never good for your hair.

7) Using hot air from hair dryer on your hair is never a good idea. Always use the cool settings on your hair dryer as hot air damages your hair.

8) Never stick your hair dryer at one place. Keep it moving in different directions. Before you start using your hair dryer , make sure that you have used a good quality towel for drying your hair.

9) Check your comb, try to use a comb whose bristles are made up of animal hair. It will be softer on your hair and wont damage it.

10 ) Never use a dirty comb or towel on your hair. Always clean the brush,comb and towel whenever you want to use it. The best thing to do is to clean it everytime you finish using it on your hair and give it another look before using it again.

11) Combing your hair in the opposite directiong will damage them, break them and eventually leads to hair loss. Always try to use your comb or brush int he downward direction.

12) Know your hair, make sure you choose the shampoo that suits your hair properties. Never ever settle for cheap products or counterfit products as we can never know whats inside the bottle.

Follow the above tips and your hair surely will improve.


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