CORONAVIRUS MAY NEVER GO AWAY says World Health Organization


WHO has warned the world in the recent report where they state that people should learn to live with this disease now as we live with other conditions like HIV, Ebola virus, and others. As we already that the virus first emerged within China last year in 2019 within the city of Wuhan which has now infected around 4-5 million people worldwide and around 300,000 people are now killed with this deadly infection. Many governments worldwide are now easing down the lockdown as it has severely affected the economy of the countries and people are now willing to live with this condition while taking preventive measures when going at the workplace or other social places. Michael Ryan who is the director of EHO emergencies said that this is a new type of virus that has infected the entire world, it is because of this reason that we are unable to find out the exact prevalence rate of this deadly virus. He further told the virtual press conference which was conducted in Geneva that this virus must remain in our communities as some other endemic and this virus might never go away. As we already that HIV is still present in our society as it is still prevalent and we have learned to live with it without any highly effective treatment options.

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Since this coronavirus pandemic was generated, governments have imposed lockdown in the country to prevent the spread of the disease. However, during recent weeks, the governments are now easing down the lockdown so that people can return to their normal lives but with strict preventive measures. WHO has also warned the governments that they do not guarantee whether this ease of lockdown will prevent any chances of us being affected by the second wave of COVID-19 infection.

CHINA in a restless situation due to second outbreak of CORONAVIRUS


According to WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, many countries now believe to ease down the preventive measures as well but he further stated that we still recommend considering each country as a high-level risk state. Dr. Ryan also emphasized the fact that we need to understand that there is a long way ahead of us and we should stay on the same course without any ease in restrictions. The Irish epidemiologist further stated that he is afraid of the pros and cons of both imposing lockdown and then the ease of it because of them pose some dangers to the society in their aspects. After stating these facts, Dr. Ryan also condemned the attack over the healthcare workers which was related to the recent pandemic and he said 35 such cases were quite serious and these were recorded in 11 countries during April. 

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Dr. Ryan also stated that COVID-19 is a deadly, infectious disease that can infect millions of people without them knowing about it. He further said that people are trying to empower healthcare workers who are trying to help them in this condition. He said that these are violent and discriminatory acts that should be resisted. He also addressed the people that this pandemic is bringing out the worst and best in us. He also insisted that we are finding out an effective way to get rid of this virus and humanity is taking major steps to come up with an effective vaccine that is widely available to the people and aids in treating the severe symptoms of this COVID-19 pandemic.

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