Conquering Fear


How can you train your mind for conquering fear ?

What actually keeps you from living your life and your dreams ?
What are the problems that are dominant in our lives ?
The answer is pretty simple, its FEAR.

We live most of our life in fear. The fear of losing loved ones, fear of losing our wealth, fear of being ourselves, fear of being judged, fear of taking the wrong turns and bad decisions. The list is so long and it can go on.

The biggest cause of people not achieving their dreams is NOT the fear to be failed, its actually the fear of success. The fear of accomplishing stuff that we have set out to do. Our lives might be suffering from being paralyzed as we try to live to the fullest. This causes us to be fearful in our business and the result is that it sabotages our efforts so we never face success.

A lot of people live their lives in the hand of fear gripping their bodies and minds. They are actually not even aware of the fear controlling their lives. Fear is dominating us. it’s dominating every aspect of our lives.

The two simple questions that you have to answer to overcome your fear are :
1 : Whcih fear controls you the most ? Is this the fear of rejection or failure or success or all of them ?
2 : What should i do to interrupt the bad habits that are developed inside me as a protection from this fear ? How do i change the programming of my thinking towards fear ?

These two questions are the most significant in overcoming your fears. The day you answer these two questions, Your life will be changed completely and forever into a positive side.

Fear is a part of life and its a reality that it is connected with human beings all the time. It will never go away, but it doesn’t mean all the fears are unhealthy. some of the fears are actually healthy and they keep you safe , bringing you close to the nature and creator.

Every human being is born with three different types of instinctive fears.
The fear of loud noises, falling and fear of being abondened. These fears were given to you to help you in monitoring what is going around you. You can think about it as these fears give you the adrenaline rush to escape from situations that are very unsafe for you. These fears also rushes you to fight and to win .

Fear leads to the birth of faith. God knew this in HIS amazing infinite wisdom that the fear would drive His people back to God. Sometimes it takes extreme fear to return to faith and look up at god. have a look at your own life and think about the times that you actually thanked the creator for the power and wisdom.

Have faith, defeat the fear and stay positive.

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