CHINA in a restless situation due to second outbreak of CORONAVIRUS


According to the Chinese authorities, an untraceable coronavirus outbreak is seen to emerge within the Chinese city, i.e. close to the Russian border. Other than the new cases in Shulan, which is located near the Russian border. Some new cases have also emerged in Wuhan after the ease in lockdown during the recent weeks. The current wave of COVID-19 infections within these two areas has prompted fear amongst the Chinese people. Recently in Sunday news, Chinese authorities claimed Shulan as the high-risk state for COVID-19. Shulan city is located near North Korean and Russian borders which are now reclassified because the cluster of cases has emerged linked to the woman. This woman suffered from COVID-19 without any prior history of travelling or exposure to coronavirus. 


One week before any new cases emerged, China classified all the states within its country as a medium or low-risk state. On Sunday, the national health commission of the country reported 17 new patients of COVID-19. The federal health commission further considered it as the second day for the rise in two digits while considering it as the highest number within two weeks. Five cases were seen to locally transmit in three provinces that border North Korea, Russia, three cases in Jilin and one COVID-19 case each in Liaoning and Heilongjiang. All COVID-19 new cases of Jilin were seen in Shulan City which included a 45-year-old man, 28-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man which brings the total count to 12 COVID-19 patients within the city.


CGTN, which is the Chinese media, states that the authorities have directed the closure of all public places. It is also advised for all residents to stay at home except under any unusual circumstances. Online learning has been started for students in schools. All public transport and taxi service have been suspended. According to local media, the source of infection from Shulan is still a mystery. The provincial health commission of Jilin claimed that the disease originated again from a 45-year-old woman who had no travelling or contact history from a COVID-19 patient. During the recent weeks, China has sanctioned border closures along with the social restrictions, especially on areas which border Russia including Suifenhe, east of Heilongjiang province eventually after some travellers were tested positive for COVID-19. 

A local government WeChat account stated on 2nd May, Shulan authorities have analyzed the travellers in the last three weeks during April. Three hundred and eight residents of Shulan travelled from Russia via Manzhouli and Suifenhe ports. Out of which eight were tested positive for COVID-19, and 300 were kept in isolation within the Shulan City.


On Sunday, it was reported that the origin of coronavirus was seen in Wuhan where five new cases are now reported according to the Chinese Authorities. Since 11th March, the highest number of coronavirus infections have been reported within the city. In almost two weeks, the highest number of cases have been reported, i.e. around 17 due to the local transmission. With the ease of lock-down and emergence of new cases, it seems terrible news for the people of China due to which the higher authorities in Wuhan have now imposed travel restrictions. China has stated around 82, 918 positive cases of COVID-19 while the death toll has risen to 4633. 


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