Child Abuse Victim to Survivor


Child Abuse Victim to Survivor

The minds of children are so innocent to comprehend what actually a child abuse is. The terror put upon them during the abuse kills their innocence. And it is worse when it is from someone close to them. Their love and affection for that person may turn into mistrust which is rather more confusing for them. Such a child may have conflicts in his mind about his all loved ones and their feelings for him/her which has a depressive effect on their psyche. When they are in the age of being kissed affectionately and hugged warmly they are sexually abused and harassed. So, all they learn and think in their delicate minds about this world and people that they are not safe to be with. They start mistrusting the people and numbness in their bodies to feel anything. Also, they may get frightened by those who do not approach them with same intentions.

The abuser might get close to them by saying things that really confuse a child’s mind and they cannot apprehend what he is actually trying to do to them. He may say things like, “Daddy wants to show you how much he loves you”, or “This is the way other daddies teach their daughters to be a perfect woman”.

You see such a deception may come from the relatives you may never doubt. The child may think of himself as a “bad child” because a father is not supposed to do that. Because they know that their father wants to make love with them and want them to smile. But this may be the thing abuser may take advantage of and things may go hidden all the time but the child suffers from a lot of depression and has multiple thoughts in his mind.

If the abuser is her father or uncle, she might make two images of him. One as a good daddy that is in front of other people. And one as a bad daddy, this is when he is alone with her. She might start drawing pictures of the two totally different aspects of her daddy. Or she may turn write negative poems or things about her daddy. Her mind is too delicate and she might feel afraid sharing it with anyone as other people might take it in wrong sense. Or if she has spoken to her mother she might have ignored her words by saying, “He is your daddy and all daddies do the same to their daughters.” It’s a humble request that does not ignore the power of pen or words from such a little soul who knows nothing about child abuse.

It becomes more difficult to perceive when it is from someone in the family. Such a child loses all his confidence and afraid to stay alone or going close to other relatives as he/she will start thinking same about all of them. Such an abuse may take away all their innocence giving them a feeling of terror and insecurity. Such a child can only heal if he/she identifies their abuser and learn how to confront him. Otherwise, the abuser may go repeating this horrible act to them.

child abuse

Unfortunately, the victims have no choice instead of surviving. If they do not commit suicide, they have to accept the reality and go along with it. While some of them start taking drugs, alcohol and may drop off to sex. Others may choose to forget the abuse considering it ever happened. They may forgive their abusers realizing they were too depressed and they did by mistake. While others just blame themselves and shut the doors on them.

But now the nightmare is over. No need to hide that voice inside that is killing you from the day you have been abused. You are free in your actions and words. Say it loud and even louder that you have no right to fuck me anymore. Take the things under control and fight with your abusers as you have all the right to love, live and enjoy your life just like others. GET OVER IT.

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