British prime minister Boris Johnson tested positive for Coronavirus


After affecting about 552,636 people in the world, including many leading personalities across the globe, COVID-19 has now challenged the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Mr Boris Johnson. Prince Charles, Rota Wilson, Tom Hanks, Rudy Gobert, Sophie Trudeau, and Levin Durant are also affected with the COVID-19.

This pandemic’s fatality rate is lower than the outbreak and number of infections. It has spread to 198 countries around the world affected 552.626. The mortality rate is at 4.5% with 25,044 deaths across the globe.

About 80% of the people recover from the disease without any particular medical treatment. Rest 20% requires some medical assistance.

The COVID-19 patients are kept in isolation so that this disease is not transmitted to other patients. Some people affected are also self-isolating at their homes when they feel they are not critically affected.

Boris Johnson announced himself as being positive for COVID-19 in his video. He said he observed mild symptoms for the virus and got himself checked for the virus which came out to be positive. He also stated that the symptoms he felt were not severe enough for him to be hospitalized. He is self-isolating at his house in the 11 downing street.

Yesterday, he was seen outside his house , participating to pay tribute to doctors and paramedical staff for fighting against coronavirus bravely. The whole world clapped for their efforts from within their homes.

Boris Johnson is in relatively better health condition, as he had mild symptoms for the virus during the past 24 hours, including cough and fever. He doesn’t feel any complications in breathing, which proves that his infection hasn’t become severe.

With this massive rate of a virus outbreak, the world has been observing strict quarantine and lockdown taking measures to reduce the epidemic.

Stay safe, stay home!


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