Benefits Of Breathing Exercises

Benefits Of Breathing Exercises

Breathing is essential to life. Without breathing, you cannot survive. Though people hardly notice their breathing patterns, the way they inhale and exhale air holds great significance. Whether you run a mile, have an emotional encounter, or while resting, your breathing alters to adjust your body according to changing situations. Since breathing plays an essential role in your well-being, adopting breathing exercises can be highly beneficial to your mind and body. Do you know how?

You might have heard that taking deep breaths during stressful situations helps you calm down. But have you ever wondered how it works? The gentle rising and falling of your breaths stimulate different areas of your brain and the nervous system. When you’re under stress, you take tiny breaths, and the brain takes it for stress. Breathing Exercises like deep, slow breaths increase our oxygen intake and calm our mind down. Many studies have revealed that breathing exercises play an essential role in reducing stress and anxiety.

If you suffer from sleep issues and disturbances, you’re in luck because breathing exercises can help. Sleep is no doubt essential to lead a healthy life. However, many people suffer and can’t fall asleep easily or wake up during the night. This can also happen due to excessive stress and constant irritating thoughts. Since breathing exercises calm your mind down and make your mind and body relax, they help you get a good night’s sleep and improve your sleep quality.

Human minds are wired to deal with multiple things at a time. However, sometimes it can get overwhelming. Too many things to handle can cause focus and attention problems. When your mind is occupied with the worries of all your tasks, you may lose concentration or become forgetful. Breathing exercises improve focus and concentration. According to a study in 2013, breathing exercises can also help you make better decisions and improve your memory.

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Did you know that breathing exercises keep your heart healthy too? Millions across the globe suffer from hypertension and cardiac problems. Incorporating breathing exercises in your everyday routine can help you keep your blood pressure checked and ensure cardiac fitness. It also significantly lowers the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

Besides the heart, your lungs benefit significantly from these exercises as well. Pursed lip breathing, slow and deep breaths can reduce the work of breathing and keep your airways open longer. This improves lung function and allows a better exchange of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. According to studies, breathing exercises can be of immense benefit for Asthma, Emphysema, COPD, Bronchitis, or other chronic lung diseases.

Good news for beauty enthusiasts and people looking for ways to look youthful for longer! Breathing exercises possess anti-aging benefits. These exercises are a natural way to keep all those lines and wrinkles at bay. Not only do breathing activities like the pranayama increase the supply of oxygen, which improves the blood flow and enhances the appearance of the skin, but they also detoxify your blood resulting in younger and glowing skin. Since these exercises reduce stress and other factors that fasten the aging process, you stay fresh and youthful for longer.

These exercises also hold numerous benefits for your digestive health. They ensure the optimum functioning of your digestive system and protect you from abdominal bloating, constipation, and indigestion. Furthermore, these exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles and give you a toned belly. Many pregnant women are also advised to practice deep breathing exercises to keep their abdominals healthy. So, when are you starting your breathing exercise routine?

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