All About Headaches


All About Headaches

Most people experience headaches at some point in time in their lives. Headaches are mostly considered common and are not taken seriously as they are not contagious. They do not put one’s life at risk but depending on the severity of it, one may not be able to concentrate on his work. Since the advancement of technology is on the rise, this particular field of medicine has also been taken into consideration. And so this prosperity has made things for most of the people around the world quite easy. On the other hand, as it has made ways to curb, there are people who fail to curb this issue in their lives. At time, it has got no symptoms, at times it can go so severe that it can take one’s life. In this article, I would enlighten all about headaches including causes, types, symptoms and its solutions.

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Primary Headaches

These headaches occur mostly due to the illness or the activity associated with the structure or the sensitive areas of the head. These may also result from the changes in the chemical activity in the brain. Common primary headaches include migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches.

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Secondary headaches

These type of headaches occur when any other condition stipulates or provokes to the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. While these headaches occur most often or are linked to the majority of our daily routine, care must be done in regard to this type of a headache. This type of a headache include alcohol, blood clots, bleeding in or around the brain, brain freeze or ice cream headaches- these mostly occur when a person eats a very cold thing, dehydration, teeth grinding at night, overuse of pain medicine or using painkillers more often, panic attacks and stroke.


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There are different types of headaches.

1-    Tension headaches: These type of headaches are most common and occur frequently now and then. The person can feel

a-    Pain spreading to and from the neck

b-    As if he has a tight band around his neck

c-    A constant rather ache on both sides of the neck

Furthermore, tension headaches can either be classified as episodic or chronic. Chronic headaches can occur for 15 or more days for a period of more than 3 months. Episodic headaches can occur for few hours but can last for few days


2-    Migraines:

Image result for migraineThese type of headaches are second most common and can have a significant effect on the one’s life. According to the world health organization (WHO), this is the 6th highest cause of the disability worldwide. This type of a headache can last for few hours to between 2 to 3 days.

A migraine is basically an experience of pain usually on one side of the head. The person can feel:

a-    Blurred vision

b-    Light-headedness

c-    Nausea

d-    Sensory disturbances are known as auras

3- Rebound headaches:

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These occur when a person overuses pain medication for headache symptoms. This is the most common secondary type of a headache. They usually begin at the beginning of the day and persists throughout the day. Along with the pain due to a headache, a person can feel

a-    Deprivation of sleep quality

b-    Pain spreading throughout the neck to the back of the head

c-    Restlessness

d-    It can cause different types of pain and can vary each day


4-    Cluster headaches:

Image result for cluster headacheThis type of a headache can usually last between 15 minutes and 3 hours, and can occur up to seven times per day for a period of weeks to months. In between this time, there can be no headaches symptoms and this free time can last month to years. The person who experiences this headache can feel:

a-    One sided pain around neck or head

b-    It is very severe at times

c-    At the time, it can be very intense of sharp

d-    Usually located in or around one eye.

5-    Thunderclap headaches:

As thunderclap name suggests, these are the most severe types of headaches and are often described as “worst headache of my life”. The intensity of them can reach the maximum within a minute and can last for 5 minutes. As these headaches can be fatal, one must not take a risk and immediately visit a doctor.



Image result for headache treatmentAs headaches can prove because of a serious condition, it is somehow very important to go to the doctor if they become more severe, continuous and regular. Take for an example, it a headache is more painful than the previous ones and it worsens, accompanied by vomiting, fever, stiffness in the neck, a doctor should be contacted as soon as possible.

There are several other ways to curb headaches. These include hypnosis, medication, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy.

Sometimes, a headache can occur due to deficiency of any mineral or any nutrient, particularly magnesium and vitamin B.


Home remedies:

Take care of what you eat. Take regular meals as keep an eye on your sugar levels. A hot shower can also help. Exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep and that too at night will help avoid headaches.


Usually, a doctor will be able to diagnose the type of a headache depending on the pain, a description of pain, and its intensity

Depending if the headache is complex and if needs further diagnosis, tests may be carried out to eradicate more serious causes.

  • Blood tests
  • Brain scans such as MRIs

Conclusion: That was all about headaches.  It does not mean that Just because headaches are not severe, or not enough risky to lead to death, care or proper precautions be not taken. Even if it feels like a little of pain in head or neck, doctor should be consulted immediately. Do not take risk by taking it for granted. Headaches, at times, if not properly diagnosed can be very severe and can be very disturbing. One should not take risk at any point. Get proper deep sleep at night, take care of you diet.

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