8 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting And Exercise


Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Obviously, everybody does! Hats off to the celebrity body who follow such strict work-out routines and pre-planned meals to maintain their appearance and look just like the people want to see them. We, on the other hand, are not all that keen on going through all the hard work but we still want to lose weight. No diet, no exercise, and it is possible! So, for such legends here are eight legendary bits of advice to take to lose weight without getting up early for the gym or giving up your favorite foods!

1) Drink plenty of water :

Doctor ASKY / Lose Weight

Drinking the required amount of water for the day according to your age and gender you can decrease your appetite. Try and drink plenty of water before your every meal. It will help to reduce your hunger and is also good for digestion. According to a study in the journal Obesity people who drank water half an hour before a meal was quick to lose weight and ate less than the people who did not follow the same routine. Also, avoid taking soda or sugary drinks to help prevent your calorie intake from shooting up.

2) Eat slowly :

Doctor ASKY / Lose Weight

Studies show that people who eat faster are more likely to gain weight than the ones who eat and chew slowly. This helps you make fuller according to diet advocates and you stop eating high-calorie snacks in between meals. It’s probably the most convenient way since your snacks last much longer and you eat weight-losing healthy food. Wow, isn’t it?

3) Eat in red plates :

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This is probably the most absurd advice ever given, but it works. Red is an indication to ‘stop’ and also related to other man-made warning signs. People are more likely to eat less in red plates than they do in white and blue ones. It’s better if you eat your unhealthy or fast food in red plates so you take fewer servings and eventually eat less!

4) Change paint in your dining place :

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Avoid painting your dining room in shades of red or yellow because they make us eat more. Slightly opposite to the aforementioned one. Try painting your walls in whites or blues so you eat less. So, now we have a theory as to why McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut and other numerous fast food restaurants paint their walls in shades of yellow and red. It is a deliberate attempt to make their customers eat down more pizzas, burgers, and milkshakes and in turn gain fat amounts of money. I never knew such genius people existed on the face of the earth!

5) Use smaller plates :

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According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, people following the Delbeouf Illusion (controls your brain’s perception) presented positive results in losing weight. If you opt for a smaller plate, resultantly you will put in small servings of food thus tricking your mind into believing that you have eaten to your full.

6) Keep a food journal :

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Apparently keeping track of the food, you eat and in which amount helps you to lose weight quickly. You know when and in what amount you have eaten which thing and if you want or should eat again right now. Certain studies prove that jotting down whatever you eat into a food journal helps you to lose weight quickly and effectively.

7) Go for bright lights :

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Choose to light your dining area real bright because it reduces hunger pangs. Apparently eating in dimly lit areas makes people eat more than they are supposed to. It is an effective way to lose weight without much effort.

8) Keep away electronic devices :

Doctor ASKY / Lose Weight

Eating while watching television or scrolling through Facebook makes you divide your attention. You are distracted and eventually, you overeat. Sometimes you even forget what you are eating. So, avoid using electronic gadgets while you are eating to prevent the unwanted fat from permanently taking refuge at your body and causing a totally unwanted addition.


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