8 Things that happens to your body when you get a Tattoo


If you have been thinking about getting your body inked, then, first of all, you need to learn about the after-tattoo effects on your body. No matter whether the tattoo you got to be inked is permanent or temporary, you will be facing some side effects over the time that is somehow horrible to handle for the beginners who put tattoo for the first time on their body parts. Let’s teach you 8 things that may happen to your body after you get a tattoo.

Skin Reactions and Bumps:

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If you are facing some sort of skin reactions that is causing little bumps in your tattoo, then it may be due to something called sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is all known as the multi-system disease that can affect almost any organ system but commonly manifests in the lungs. It can somehow appear in tattoos as small bumps that typically stay just as within the boundaries of the tattoo. It can take place even after so many years at the place where you inked the tattoo. You should speak to your doctor immediately because a simple cream will not help you at all.

Reactions of Allergy:

Doctor ASKY / Tattoo Effects

You may face the conditions where the reactions of the allergy will be common for sure. It can happen with both reds as well as traditional black ink. This allergy can become severe and worst if you are applying the tattoo to be inked with different colors. Well, allergic reactions can reoccur even after the tattoo is healed.

Burning or Swelling Conditions:

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On next, we will make you alert about the conditions of swelling or burning.  There are some people who did experience burning sensations and swelling on their tattoos when getting an MRI test. This is definitely one important thing to consider after you got the tattoos.

Blood Borne Disease:

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In some of the severe conditions, it might be possible that you get into the blood-borne diseases just like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), hepatitis B and also hepatitis C. This would probably happen if the equipment used for your tattoo is infected with contaminated blood.

Signs of Skin Cancer:

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With the application of the tattoo on your body, you can often find yourself in the skin cancer signs as well. By applying the tattoo to the whole of the full sleeve, it rather becomes difficult to detect the skin color changes and so as the arrival of the skin cancer too.  You can ask away your board-certified dermatologist if you are at high risk for skin cancer.

 Endorphins Are Released:

Doctor ASKY / Tattoo Effects

Well, the process of getting tattoos can actually release endorphins in your brain just as due to the sensation caused by the needle. These chemicals come directly from the brain, just as flooding your body. Endorphins are ‘feel-good’ chemicals and can often help us realize on some level that we are more resilient to pain than we think. As you get the tattoo you need to pay attention to how you feel emotionally.

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