8 Soothing activities which can help us in dealing the stress due to coronavirus


Seeing the entire world being locked down makes all of us feel anxious and depressed. Although in the initial days, we did love to be at home and watching Netflix all through the day. However, as soon as days are going by, this entire condition is making us feel haunted. There are various posts online on how you can avail this time of quarantine at home or social distancing while indulging yourself in comforting activities. Give some time to yourself and enjoy this moment while staying at home. Perform these eight soothing activities, which will make you feel relaxed while maintaining a social distance and being productive. As we all know, relaxation of mind and physical health is essential for maintaining overall good health; it is, therefore, necessary to utilize this quarantine time and give yourself an ultimate break. 


Meditation is one of the best relaxing exercises that you can efficiently perform at home. You can use meditation apps or follow online videos to enjoy mindfulness. In this isolation period, you can enjoy being at home while using apps that offer meditation techniques for minutes rather than the long sessions if you are a beginner. During the coronavirus pandemic, many apps are offering a free trial until April, like Simple Habit. 


Reading gives you the ultimate knowledge. If you have not been reading a book for a very long time, this is the time that you start reading some books and enhance your experience. If you are even reading fiction books or some stories, you are still indulging in significant activities and learning new things. If you don’t have some novels or books at home, use your internet to browse Google books and Smash words where there are multiple books and stories published by independent authors. If you are not a great reader, you can start with short stories available on the Watt pad.


IQ games or puzzles are also useful for boosting your brainpower. Instead of being lazy, you can download some IQ games on your phones or take out some puzzles at home and try solving that. Also, maintain a rule at your home that you should not talk about the virus and the lockdown situation worldwide instead talk about some good memories or crack jokes so that you feel good in this anxious situation while performing such activities. If you don’t want to go outside and pick up the puzzle games, you can order them online from various stores such as Walmart.


Writing is one of the best activities which makes you feel good and allows you to vent without anyone knowing about it. You can start writing a diary where you can jot down all that happened throughout the day. You can also write short stories, informative articles, blogs, and whatnot. In this digital world, there are various ways of freelancing where you can get fame through your published articles, blogs, or any informative/ creative piece of art.


Gardening can be done at this time in the world, where everyone is stuck in their homes. You can grow some fresh herbs, vegetables, and individual plants at home. Grow the fresh vegetables and herbs at home and enjoy them fresh in your foods without any hassle of going out. You can also plant some flowers to enhance the look of your home. Gardening gives you a taste of being in touch with nature. It allows you to go in open space, take care of your plants, and feel surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Exercise as much as you can to stay in shape. Don’t worry about going to the gym or healthcare center. You can perform activities at home while watching amazing workout videos on YouTube, Pinterest, and several apps available on play store or app store. Just give yourself 30-40 minutes each day and perform the workout for the entire body. Exercise makes you feel strong, healthy, and keeps you away from any depression. Exercise aids in losing stress; it makes you feel accomplished and allows you to stay away from any illnesses.


Cooking food of your choice can give you a comforting feel. You can experiment with some new foods of your choice while staying at home and have fun while marinating and garnishing them. You must be missing the junk foods lately, so scroll down on Google, find out some stunning recipes and try cooking tantalizing foods at home and enjoy your meals.


Painting and coloring can make you feel creative. There are various coloring books in the market which you can buy and enjoy being productive. You can buy a canvas, some poster colors, acrylic colors and start painting on some old T-shirts, paint beautiful scenery, create a sketch of your loved ones or have fun with DIY videos, which are widely available on YouTube. Coloring and painting are simple, yet amazing techniques to get into the meditative flow. During these stunning and relaxing techniques, you get so much involved that you don’t think about anything else. If you have garden at home or just a balcony, go in an open space, take a cup of coffee, your favorite music playlist and start savoring your time without any depression. If you have no access to go outside, you can download some apps on the phone and start coloring online.

Have a look at these stunning activities and feel calm and relaxed while maintaining a social distance during this corona epidemic!


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