8 Signs That You Are Being too Hard On Yourself And How To Fix It


When at some moment, you love to stay social and get into communication with other people, then somehow you ignore yourself and never get to know who you are. At the end of the day, you should be helping yourself first of all. You need to be kind to your own self and acknowledge the efforts that you have had put into your development so far. There are so many things you are doing in your life being hard on yourself and should fix it up. Calling or being hard on yourself is generally to push your limits and get more work done. Grab up the 8 major signs that show that you are being too hard on yourself and learn how to fix it:

Apologizing for Everything:

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Well, being too hard on yourself can push you down a steep slope and you will be getting an impression that everything done wrong is because of you. You will start apologizing for everything for no reason. Hence apologizing excessively can hamper your mental health because you tend to believe that every problem is your fault.

Feeling Dissatisfied from Unaccomplished Tasks:

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You will never be finding yourself to be satisfied with the goals which you have achieved. Setting away the goals is a really good practice to harness the momentum and maximize your efficiency. It is important to take a moment and acknowledge what you have achieved and simply pat yourself on the back for your outstanding progress.

Tend to Second Guess yourself:

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If you have a thought or an idea but dismiss it without even sharing it, then you are again as being hard on yourself and hence second-guessing your ideas. You should be having faith and courage in yourself and share ideas with someone you trust or just start implicating your ideas knowing that they are the best.

Fear of Embarrassment:

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This is one of the major and common signs that you are being too hard on yourself and holding yourself back from trying something new. You hold on yourself back thinking that you might end up making a fool of yourself.

Overpowers your mind By Guilt:

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If you have any guilt then it will simply overpower your mind for sure. You will be in guilt always for not accomplishing the task which you desired to accomplish back in the time.  As you are being too hard on yourself, guilt is an omnipresent emotion that lingers in your mind.

Comparing yourself to Others:

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Comparing yourself with others and calling them to be better than you is all about letting yourself down. You are being too much hard on yourself. You are simply destroying your self-worth and slowly killing your own set of the self-confidence.

Feeling Bad about yourself Occasionally:

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If you are tending to focus on your flaws and consider yourself to be inadequate for all the tasks assigned to you then again you are doing it wrong. You should think about lifting up the pressure and stop being hard on your back. You should acknowledge and appreciate yourself for at least doing something in life so far.

Focusing on things You Cannot Change:

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You will always be focusing on the things which you cannot change.  In this condition, you diminish your self-worth thinking that you are capable of nothing. Well, everything in this world is not merely your responsibility. You can only fix the things by playing your own part but not forcing everyone to do the same. So, just relax and better find out a way which involves everyone to play their part as well. A change can’t be brought in a night, it requires strength and collective efforts from all of us.

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