8 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Skimmed Milk


Milk is a very important part of our diet. A glass of milk a day is a sign of health and fitness. The question is which kind of milk do you use, whole fat milk or skimmed milked. Some of us won’t even know what the difference is so before getting into why whole fat milk is preferred over skimmed milk you need to know that when the cream is removed from whole milk it is called skimmed milk.


Some people use skimmed milk to lose weight because it contains 0.1% fat. It does have a lot of benefits but it also comes with a lot of disadvantages. So before using skimmed milk in your diet you need to to know about all the drawbacks that it can cause on your health.

Drawbacks of skimmed milk

Everything has tiny drawbacks but the major reasons behind why skimmed milk is not good for your health are listed below ;

The nutrients in your milk such as vitamins D, E, k, and A, are fat-soluble meaning that they work best when combined with fat. In case of skimmed milk fat particles are removed which is why such vitamins fail to get absorbed and are left behind leaving you with an nutrients deficient milk.


We know that skimmed milk is manufactured with the help of powdered milk. The disadvantage in that is, that powdered milk is made with the help of oxidized cholesterol which is a carcinogen, a chemical that is poisonous for us because it helps other substances buildup plaque in your arteries eventually causing cancer.


Instead of decreasing the risk of heart diseases, skimmed milk increases the risk of cardio vascular diseases due to the role that it plays in formation of plaque in the arties that block the blood flow thus the heart has to work faster and with more force which results in heart diseases.


If you think that skimmed milk is helping to get more nutrients in your body then you are absolutely wrong. It is just a product made for profit. With the addition of sugary flavors in the milk to make it more appealing to children, the overall nutrients are reduced thus you are left with less energy


Whole fat milk triggers the release of the hormone cholecystokinin that makes you feel full while in the case of skimmed milk this hormone is missing which leaves you with a feeling of emptiness thus in order to feel full people start to consume unhealthy saturated fats which are bad for health.


Some individuals use skimmed milk in their diet plan in order to lose weight. In the short run cutting down on whole fat milk will help you reduce weight but in the long run you are most likely to gain that weight back in no time.


Skimmed people has no fat in it which is bad because according to some dietitians fat slows the amount of sugar that is released in your body thus reduces the overall amount of fat that is stored.


Skimmed people might seem appealing at first due to low fat and flavors added to it but when taken from the nutritional value it is very unhealthy for your as it strips you off of the healthy nutrients in the whole fat milk.

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