8 Reasons why people in Happy relationships Cheat


Most of the people have a misconception in mind that when you are in a happy relationship then for sure there are no chances of being cheated upon or getting ditched from your partner. But this is a completely wrong concept! Sometimes when you are in a happy relation then definitely you can get into the chance of being cheated by your partner. But why? What makes them cheat? Let’s explore the 8 reasons why people in a happy relationship cheat most often.

They are Getting a Kick out of It:

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One of the biggest reasons has been sure about the thrill of doing something really taboo or the forbidden ones.  So many of the partners in the relationship will be finding it as great satisfaction in breaking rules and exploring the limits of what they can do.  Hence the forbidden fruits often yield the greatest emotional rewards.

Searching for Novelty:

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Sometimes the condition of being boredom can push people as to do things they would otherwise that never fathom doing. Sex can turn out to be the recreational activity but when it gets boring they will search for some other pleasure to satisfy them out.

Curious about What they are Actually missing:

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At some point, the cheater may get into a serious relationship as a sort of rebound just as after their previous relationship ended, then they may be all the time questioning their choice of partners. They may feel as if they settled for the sake of being less. Infidelity will be offering them the way out to discover some new people out.

Getting into Discovery of Suppressed Emotions:

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It is not important that the partner always cheat as sexually. They might cheat you on emotional terms as well. As they do start feeling that they are not able to express themselves to their partners or that they have no outlet for the sake of frustrations in their relationship, they may turn to someone else to accept them.

They are not Sure if they Found the Perfect One:

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They always had the curious question in their mind that whether they have found the perfect one or not. They question themselves and can never answer it. In getting the answer they try to explore new people and are always on discovery in which they cheat a few best people in their life.

They consider Sex and Love two Separate Things:

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They have a consideration in their mind that sex and love are the two separate things. They are looking at sex being the fulfillment of bodily desires that may or may not have anything to do with love. This would be making it much easier to indulge in sexual infidelity just as while remaining in love with their partner.

They Find a Chance and Get It:

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All the people do not take the power of saying any to sleep with someone. Idealistic partner has a thought that the emotional attachment to their lover will protect them from any form of infidelity.

Brought Up Amidst Infidelity:

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The surrounding and environment in which they are being brought up are leaving some major impact right on the development of your personality and so as the fact of your underlying morality.

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