8 Gross things your body does which are Actually signs of good Health


In order to stay healthy, it is very much important that you should be paying attention to your body and also watch out for signs that things are changing or becoming uncomfortable. Sometimes the body gives you the indication of signs where you learn about having an unhealthy body. But you do not know the fact that sometimes the body does give you some signs that are indicators of good health. There are so many clues. Let’s make you learn with the 8 gross things your body does which are actually signs of good health:

Large Bowel Movements :

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If you are having huge large bowel movements, then you are healthy enough in your digestive system functioning. You might take large bowel movement as the main cause of constipation arrival. But that’s not true at all! It means your digestive system is on point.

Going Bathroom Several Times A Day :

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If you are going to the bathroom more than one time per day, then you might think it is a problem. But this is the sign of good health!  People will be surprised if you would let them know that you poop or going to the bathroom two to three times a day, or every time we eat a meal. It is healthy for the reason that it starts your digestive system’s peristalsis to move out what you had eaten as about 12 hours prior. The more efficiently you will go to the bathroom, the healthier you are.

Producing Earwax :

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If you are having wax in your ears, then you are not the only person on this planet. This is a good thing initially. Earwax is known as cerumen that is coming from specialized glands and is produced to lubricate and protect the inner ear canal. It is also helpful as in creating an effective fence against foreign particles as earwax also has antimicrobial properties to keep infections at bay.

Excretion of Fluid :

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If your body excretes vaginal fluid all the live long day this fluid is actually a sign of health. It comes in so many ways as especially if you are trying to conceive or are sexually active. It is to be mentioned that Cervical fluid is the technical term for the spots you see on your underwear. It all the more varies in color and texture. It also acts as a natural lubricant to make sex more fun and comfortable.

Passing Gas :

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If you pass a gas in public, then it would be considered as an embarrassing act. But it is a perfectly healthy thing to do so. As you will eat products with lots of prebiotic fibers then these fibers pass undigested into your large intestine and all the more into the good gut bacteria hence they use this prebiotics as their own food to build up more of their own kind.

Forming Thick Foot Calluses :

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You should not fear away with the fact if the bottoms of your feet are thick with calluses. Well, the thick layer of callous on the bottom of your feet is a common sign that your feet are healthy and you have excellent circulation.  It will protect the bottom of your foot from injury.

Eyes Moving When You Sleep :

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Moving eyes when you’re asleep will come out to be much strange, but it is quite healthy enough as well.  As you will be in the REM sleep, your eyes will dart back and forth. It might look creepy but this is the sign of a healthy body.

Flaking Skin :

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On the last, we will mention about the flaky skin. It is sometimes much annoying to deal with dry patches. But it is all about the process of the body to make it healthier. The dead skin is the one that keeps our skin healthy and vibrant.


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