7 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind When Your Long Distance Friend Is Getting Married


We have one friend in our life whom we call out to be our best friends. We talk with them openly, share all the plans and also bitched about marriage and life after marriage. You would have always imagined the marriage with your best friend about the planning and preparations of the wedding rituals. But life takes certain turns and you move to some new career where long distance comes off between both of you. You forget her but one morning you suddenly receive the marriage invitation from her. You start missing the time when you both promised not to get married and explore the world together. What is the first feeling that comes around in your mind? Well let’s share the 7 thoughts that cross your mind when your long-distance friend is getting married:

Block her from everywhere:


Do you ever get into the feeling of blocking your friend from every social media? You know the fact that when your best friend will be getting married, your whole wall of social media will be flooded with her marriage pictures. So, you do feel like blocking her from all social account to avoid looking at her wedding pictures.

Are they still together?


If your best friend is getting married to her boyfriend then the first thought comes to your mind is wha are they still together. So many of the emotions come around in your mind that your best friend left you and decided to get far off from you but she did not leave her boyfriend. This makes you angry a lot.

Please! Not Again:


As one friend will be getting married, you will witness with the pattern forming where all your friends are either getting engaged or married. You start hating the fact that why everyone is getting married and making it the main purpose of their life.

Another one Got Married:


You get into the feeling that every single person who is getting is desperate enough.  If anyone of your friend is getting married this is only because of the fact that she is desperate to get married.

You get into Social Pressure:


When you get a friend wedding invitation you have to for sure attend the wedding. As you catch the wedding to be flooded with the friend life partners and couples, you get into the social pressure as if why you are not dating anyone or why you are not in favor of getting married. This makes you weak and you start looking for someone who can go with you to attend the marriage.

I don’t need that validation


As you will see your friend getting married, you start questioning yourself and hence look for reasons that will convince you in believing that the whole concept of the marriage is stupid. You start telling yourself the fact that your friend is getting married because she has no other option left in her life.

It Should Have Been Me:


Lastly, you get a thought that why this is not you and why you are not ready to sit on the bride couch.

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