7 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusing You


Do you know when your partner is emotionally abusing you in any subtle ways in relationship? Do you know about the Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusing You ?

Everyone has a clear cut idea about what physical abuse is all about. But there are somehow signs of emotional abuse in a relationship as well. Emotional abuse is all about the certain condition in a connection when you start getting bad influence your sense of identity, self-worth, and confidence. You will begin to losing trust in your judgment, adding with any the experience that you are being abused.

Right here we will explain  the seven signs , learn  when your partner is emotionally abusing you in subtle ways!

Sign No 1:


It might be possible that they will be threatening you in subtle ways. They will make you realize all the time that you need help with your mental health. They will attend you with the signs that you cannot take your decisions on your own. They will make you feel that every single time it is your fault in decisions.

Sign No 2:


In an emotionally abusive relationship, you will never get to learn that when your partner will be losing their temper and control over you. This will make you feel as if you are constantly walking on the eggshells all the time. This might be giving you the anxiety symptoms like panic attacks and insomnia.

Sign No 3:


Disparaging humor is certainly taken as one of the classic forms of tricks in any the emotionally abusive relationship. This will let the second person put you down always and make you feel that your judgments are always wrong. They will make fun of you all the time and will give you the feeling of being hurt, embarrassed or offended.

Sign No 4:


Every single day of your relationship is like the emotional roller coaster. You will never be able to learn that when you start getting affection and caring from your partner and the next day, they will shout at you.

Sign No 5:


You will alone and isolated all the time. This sign is not just visible in relationships, but your friends and family can also be emotionally abusive as well. By showing their negative behavior, they will make you learn that you are no longer having any value or importance to them.

Sign No 6:


They will all the time make you treat like the child. Treating someone like a child does not mean that they are affectionate and caring for you. But also for the reason that they make you realize that you do not take life seriously and have no goals or aims.

Sign No 7:


Last and important sign of all is the feeling of being trapped. You will be finding yourself in the feel of being panicked and helpless most of the time. This is all because you are getting systematically cruel and undermining treatment all the time.

So these have been few of the major signs that will make you learn that when your partner is emotionally abusing you in subtle ways! Are you getting emotional abuse in your relationship?

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