7 Interesting Facts About Japan

Interesting Facts About Japan

1. There are More Adults than Kids

One of the more bizarre facts about Japan is that they sell more adult diapers than kid’s diapers. It is because there’s a lack of childbirth. The people don’t have time or money to plan a big family. In Japanese society, unfortunately, there are more seniors than children. It’s pretty a sad fact about Japan and at the same time a big problem for Japan. Another interesting fact is that the Japanese islands of Okinawa have one of the most extended lifespans on Earth.

2.One of the World’s Lowest Crime Rate

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. The most common crimes in Japan include stealing a bicycle or umbrella left outside the departmental stores. At metro stations and trains, you can see people taking naps while their phones or laptops are visible to fellow passengers. It’s also not uncommon to see people walking through the downtown with their backpacks and bags open. Interestingly, people do not lock their doors when they leave their homes. This is how safe Japan is.

3.Most Vending Machines in the World

One of the things you will notice on the roads of Japan is the vast number of vending machines. There are everywhere, at every corner of the street. They are part of modern Japanese culture. But that’s also a more convenient way of selling beverages. In this way, companies can save a lot of money as they don’t have to pay for workers and renting shops. In the big cities, both hot and cold coffee is available in the vending machines, along with other beverages and water bottles. Even the restaurants are shifting more towards installing vending machines. Plus, there are now vending machines that can sell food and snacks directly in the big cities.

4. Japan Consists of 6852 Islands

Japan is a country of islands, but you might not know that there are more than 6800 islands. The four biggest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. They cover almost 97% of the land area in total. The paradise islands of Okinawa are not to forget when mentioning of beautiful beaches and tropical climate.

5. Cleanliness is the Part of Education in Many Schools

Law and Order is a big thing to maintain in Japan. It’s essential to learn it as a child. That’s why a lot of Japanese schools teach their students to clean the toilets, classrooms, and ground area. It also saves money because schools won’t need as many a worker and also train the students. It is one of the most useful and interesting facts that should be practiced all over the world, in every single country.

6. In Japan, you Bow Instead of Shaking Hands

To show respect for international guests and business persons, Japanese people bow instead of shaking hands. According to tradition, the lower you bend, the more respect you show towards other people. Bowing is something people do a lot in Japan and show great respect towards each other. Interestingly, there are different kinds of bows for various sorts of occasions.

7. It’s Forbidden to Bathe in Hot Springs with Tattoos

Tattoos are something that’s considered ugly in Japan. It is usually associated with gangs and crime. If you bathe in a hot spring with a tattoo, it’s considered very rude in Japan, and the water would get dirty. Nowadays, many places offer guests a skin-colored band-aid to cover their tattoos before entering hot springs.

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