7 Fun Facts About Iceland

Fun Facts About Iceland

Iceland, known as the land of ice and fire, has been one of the most favorite destinations of the tourists in the winter season. This place is no less than a heaven in the winter season. It grabs the attention of millions of people from all over the world.  

1.A Country with No Beer

Until 1989, beer was illegal in Iceland. In the year 1922, it became legal, and in 1935 all the alcoholic based beverages were fully legalized except beer. But now 1st March is celebrated as the ‘National Beer Day’ in Iceland. 

2.Geothermal Reserves

The maximum of the electricity and heat in Iceland is generated from the natural geothermal water reserves as well as hydroelectric power! Geothermal heating is supplying to almost 8% of the housing in Iceland. 

3.First Parliament

Iceland is home to the very first parliament throughout Europe. It was back in the year 930 AD when the first parliament met in Iceland. Today, ‘Þingvellir National Park’ is built on that place. The site has since been considered an area of significant heritage importance as it has cultural, historical, and geographical significance. It is also listed as “UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

4.The Country with ‘One War’

Iceland is the only country in the world that has witnessed just one war. It was known as Þorskastríðið, which is called as ‘Cod War’ in English. It took place between Iceland and the United States over some fishing grounds in the North Atlantic Sea. The war finished based on the agreement in which Iceland got the victory. Iceland is known to be the 18th biggest Island, but at the same time, it is the youngest one.

5.Small Population

Iceland is known to be the 18th biggest Island, but at the same time, it is the youngest one. It has the second largest Island in Europe. Their total population is around 300,000. Being small in terms of people, they have also received Nobel Prizes in Literature in the year 1955, along with some great works from the Halldór Laxness. The country has the most published books per capita. 

6.Volcanoes and Glaciers

This country is also incredibly active in terms of its volcanic activities. Iceland is the central homeland of around 40 volcanoes and more than 125 volcanic mountains in the country. Some of them are still very active, while others could quickly awaken and becomes active as the country changes and grows. One of their most active volcanoes is Katla, which is located in South Iceland. It experiences a volcanic eruption roughly once every four years. Surprisingly, another large section of Iceland is covered with glaciers. These are the glaciers that carved the landscape of Iceland more unique than any other country on the face of the earth.

7.Tectonic Plates

This country has been among the few countries on earth where you can view the continental split. Þingvellir is one such place which is located near the Reykjavik. This place is known for its scenic beauty and large-sized lakes. This place in Iceland is holding a major geographical significance. According to UNESCO, this place has been among the two locations in the world where two tectonic plates are meeting above the level of the earth’s surface. There is a continental split which is present within Þingvellir in the middle of North American as well as Eurasian plates. They usually move almost 2cm per year. 

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