7 Destructive Habits That May Be Making Your Anxiety Worse


 Well, there would be a no single person who wants to start his day being stressed and worried. But there is some sort of habits that will amplify the levels of anxiety and boost your stress levels. Such form of the aggravated anxiety hence leads to the chains of negative thoughts that would lead you down a spiral of feeling increasingly anxious. In all such habits we would mention the names of drinking excessive amounts of coffee, or sometimes depriving yourself of sleep or overworking and cramming your schedule which has been reported to lead you to the increased sum of anxiety.

Right over here we will be bringing you up with the important and major destructive habits that may be making your anxiety worse. Let’s learn about those habits:

Schedule all Cramming:

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As you are into the intention of feeling productive, you will be ending up as over packing your schedule. This would cause stress because you might be able to accomplish all the tasks. To reduce the anxiety levels, try to prioritize the most important tasks for the day and then work on the others based on your ability.

Taking Excessive Caffeine Drinks:

Doctor ASKY / Destructive Habits

There are so many people who want caffeine to boost their day and keep themselves running all the time. But it might lead to an increased range of anxiety. It might cause an increased heart rate, as well as restlessness, nervousness, or dizziness. You can hence try making a switch to decaffeinated beverages and avoid the energy drinks as well.

Not Much Punctual:

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If you are having lack of punctuality that often increases the anxiety, and hence repeating it often will only make matters worse. This will let your heart rate to get speed up and also the sweat gland to get stimulated. You will also start feeling dizzy or nauseated just as because of your inability to arrive on time.

Checking time at Night:

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Do you have the habit of waking up in the middle of the night and checking the time? This condition is all about the cycle of looking at the clock and worrying about your inability to sleep and will aggravate your anxiety. You can combat it as by taking a small piece of paper to cover your clock and not keeping your phone beside you when you sleep, that would help avoid the stress and reducing its levels as well.

Doing Brisk Walking:

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Doing brisk walking will cause the heart rate to increase and your breathing will speed up as well. This is all because of the reaction when the cortisol levels are high and hence you are pushed in a flight or fight situation. You just need to slow down, breathe, and embrace the nature around you and relax your body.

Shallow Breaths Issues:

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The condition as of taking the short breaths or shallow breaths is a common habit, but at the end, it would definitely trigger the anxiety. Most of the people who are diagnosed with anxiety have a common trait of holding their breath and not having constant breathing patterns. You need to relax your parasympathetic nervous system just as allowing your mind to de-stress.

Staying too much Active on Phone:

Doctor ASKY / Destructive Habits

If you are constantly staying active on phone, then it is also adding an anxiety impression to your personality.  Well, being socially active can make you easily accessible. But this can waver your attention because of the constant rings of notifications and divert your attention from being on one topic to another.

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