6 Negative Thoughts That Are Normal In Long Term Relationship


We always have a thought in mind that love relationship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It is that one feeling that makes you feel extraordinary in this world. But it is one such feeling that stayed with you for the temporary lifetime. Sometimes in the far ahead time, as it passes away some of the negative thoughts, start hitting your mind in the long-term relationship that makes it weak much.  Such kind of thoughts being negative out are much common. But let us just make you aware of those thoughts!

I Hate You :

Getting into the feeling of hating your partner is rather much normal.  When you start hating your partner, it is not actually you are hating them but it is the overwhelming negativity that stems from stress. If you are truly committed and hence chose to love each other, you can work all the way through these times and grow.

You Are Much Annoying :

In any long-term relationship, there are some points when you start feeling annoying from one another. You might get annoyed from your partner way of eating or chewing the food or also the way they sleep.  This would be leading the way to the petty arguments that are not at all constructive.

I Am Attracted To Someone Else :

If your partner is not giving you enough time or if they are not giving you the proper interest, then probably you will start getting attracted to someone else. You will be finding your interest in pet animals by keeping puppies.  In simple, you will be attracted to a variety of people as throughout your entire lifespan.

You Are A Complete Idiot :

Long-term and healthy couples will not be fighting for the sake of the drama or attention but for a resolution. You should be paying attention to the fact that why your partner is getting on your nerves.

You Are Complete Worthless :

Most of the times when your partner is professional, they will be much busy with their routine in business and project handling. But it does not mean that you are no longer important to them. In anger or in upset condition, you will call them to be worthless that is a major negative thought to come around with.

I Should Not Have Been with You :

On the last of the thought is about the moment when you realize that you should not have been with them at all. As some hurdles come over in the relationship, then for sure the idea of breaking up comes over in your mind. They start making you feel scared, as well as vulnerable, angry, sad and frustrated.

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