5 Surprising Ways To Control Blood Pressure Naturally



Blood pressure regulation is very essential in order to maintain a healthy body. Your blood pressure should always be monitored and kept in check from time to time. Stressful activities and events generally lead towards a higher blood pressure than normal limits. Therefore a person who has abnormally high blood pressure is generally regarded to go through great psychological stress. Starvation and shock make the blood pressure fall dangerously lower than the normal limits. However, there are some surprising ways to control your blood pressure naturally. First, it is important to understand what the normal blood pressure limits are and then we will discuss about 5 surprising ways to control blood pressure naturally.


Changes in Pressure, exercise, sleep, body posture and stress has a great role in changing the pressure of the blood from minute to minute.

Teenagers and children may have a lower blood pressure than normal. It is normal for them to have lower readings. Adults over 20 usually must maintain the strict 120/80 mmHg criteria in order to be normotensive—i.e. normal blood pressure.


Hypertension is a term used for ‘abnormally high blood pressure’. It is said to be a chronic state. A person who consistently has systolic pressure greater than 120mmHg and diastolic pressure greater than 80 mmHg is said to be hypertensive.

Hypotension is the term opposite of hypertension. It means ‘low blood pressure’ A person who has systolic pressure lower than 90 mm of mercury or diastolic pressure lower than 60 mm of mercury is termed as hypotensive. Hypotension is also a chronic state and is only considered a disorder when noticeable symptoms appear. Usually hypotension can be more dangerous and fatal than hypertension as its symptoms are masked by many other symptoms in majority of the cases.


Healthy eating and exercise are the two main ways of keeping up a healthy blood pressure within normal range. There are some surprising ways to tackle blood pressure effectively so do not worry and follow the advice carefully given below.

  • EAT HEALTHY. ELIMINATE SALT FROM YOUR DIET : Eating healthy sometimes does greater for your health than you can imagine.
  • EXERCISE REGULARLY: Exercising regularly will help you to get rid of the extra calories and prevent bad fat to deposit in your body. This will prevent the blood pressure to go abnormally high and hence contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • DO NOT STRESS OUT: Keep the stress factor out of your life. Take things lighter and keep your head stress free.
  • TAKE A GOOD RELAXING SLEEP DAILY: A good relaxing sleep daily is very beneficial. Maintain fine sleeping hours through the night and do not allow yourself to get disturbed. You will feel fresher in the mornings and you will be surprised to find your blood pressure absolutely normal.
  • CUT THE ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES FROM YOUR LIFE: Lower amounts of alcohol produce a protective effect for blood pressure. Usually 2-4mmHg blood pressure is lowered if taken in small amounts. But greater amounts of alcohol and smoking triggers the body to go through a really high blood pressure which can be very dangerous for your health.


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