5 Reasons Why You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Values You For Who You Really Are


Every person in this world is special in one way or the other. Even the beggars on roadsides in ragged clothes, the gangster in heavy gold chains, the terrorist with scary beards, the woman with weird clothes, the child with the tear-stained face who doesn’t want to go to school, the teenager whose party clothes have gone wrong, the hopeless lover who has a crush on a celebrity, the old man who wants to get married again, the drunk in the tavern and the worshiper in the mosque are special in a unique way. In this chaos of the vast world people usually don’t find someone who appreciates their potential and admires them for who they really are. Every person has a bright and dark side to them and no one deserves to be judged only based on the dark and evil one.

There are several reasons that you deserve to be with the person who values you for who you really are!

1) Self-admiration:

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Positivity always keeps a person healthy. Admiration from a certain someone makes us believe that we are also worth for something. It leads you to admire yourself and your potential. You try a little bit more to shape that talent and work hard on it. You crave more for their praise and in this greed when you reach the level of perfection you don’t know. An optimistic company is all we need in order to maintain the trust in ourselves.

2) Self-deprecation:

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Such people make us stable in moments when we think that we are totally worthless and useless. Sometimes after we commit a mistake we come to believe that anything we do is going to go wrong. So instead of blaming you, they make you realize that you have to learn from your mistakes instead of just leaving hope and walking around like a damsel in distress.

3) Hypocrisy:

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You don’t have to pretend around people who know the real you and accept you as such. You don’t have to pretend what you are not in front of them in order to earn their appreciation. It saves you from being a hypocrite and from the guilt of lying. You are carefree around them and believe me when I say that everyone deserves a person who doesn’t pinpoint their minor flaws but accepts them whole along with all their ‘hamartia’ (fatal flaws) because no one is perfect in the real sense of meaning.

4) Lack of time:

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Life is too short to be changing oneself for meeting other’s expectations. We deserve to enjoy the little time we have in this world because that is limited for everyone. Everyone deserves to be happy and so do you. You also equally deserve to be in the company of someone who accepts that neither they are perfect and nor are you and that is no big problem for them. Such wise people do exist who know that life is like an ice cream, if you don’t enjoy it fully, it is going to melt. It depends on how much you like ice cream!

5) Successful marital relationship:

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Everything and anything we do with our lives at the end we have to get married. And this is bound to be a happy experience. A person who makes you laugh and loves you more than you love yourself. A toxic relationship can ruin everything you have and you come to believe that there must be wrong something with you otherwise why would your soulmate have kicked you like that. It manipulates your thoughts a little bit too easily. And this shouldn’t be. There are hundreds of people out there who would accept you but only one who would make you discover your self-worth and will find perfection in your imperfections!

It is wisely said,”If someone doesn’t appreciate your efforts, stop trying to please them. If they don’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you.”

So look out for the one who is truly meant for you instead of adjusting with someone who constantly bothers you for your imperfections!

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