5 myths of the plant-based diet

plant-based diet

Have you heard of Plant-based diet?

No, let me tell you…

A plant-based diet is a diet that consists of foods derived from plants mostly, which include vegetables, fruit, grain, seeds, etc. It has no or almost minimal animal products and derivatives. It’s not the same as the vegetarian diet, so don’t confuse both.

It is generating tremendous results on human health by lowering the risk of heart disease, improves blood glucose level, reduces the risk towards cancer, works best in weight-loss, etc. But after all this still, there are so many myths and confusing information attached to this tremendous diet pattern. It doesn’t affect the diet’s popularity, but it might scare you away or make you nervous about adopting it. Let’s talk about it.

There are some myths attached to Plant-based diet. Let’s explore them ony-by-one.

1. It’s an expensive diet

Many people assume that raw/ sprouted plants and legumes are expensive. The basic rule to incorporate such items in diet is to see whether it comes in your budget or not. If not, then leave it for special events. Shop smartly and plan for every day. Go and check out local markets for plant-based foods. Don’t forget to buy pulses, lentils, beans, nuts, grains, etc. These items are not expensive, usually.

2. Minimal change won’t work

It means if you assume that whether you should add plant-based food items throughout three times a day, otherwise it’s of no use; you are wrong. Start by baby steps. Add at least one plant-based meal a day. When you get used to it then add the rest of the two meals in the same style as well. Check your circumstances and ease and see what works best for you.

3. It’s boiled food and brown rice for the rest of the life

A plant-based diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your meals now. It’s not just about steamed, boiled food items. You don’t have to eat broccoli or brown rice forcefully.  It can be paired up with any spicy curry. Use your creative juices to flow out with something amazing. Add tacos, nachos, stews in it to make it tastier. A more comfortable tip for it is to jot down your favorite food items and their recipes. Now start thinking to prepare them to convert into a plant-based version. I t will leave you satisfied and excited for dinner.

Benefits of Green Plants Diet

4. I will become too skinny

It’s true to some extent, but not always. You have to maintain a good workout regime consisting of strength-training with it to make your mass. Don’t become allergic to carbs, gluten, sugar, dairy, etc. Eliminate first processed-foods only. It will make you feel good enough.  Have cheat meals once a week too. Eat your favorites in moderation is the best policy to go with.

5. I won’t be able to get sufficient nutrients

Some people start thinking about deficiencies of vitamin, calcium, mineral, etc. caused by this in their bodies. It’s not the case. You will get enough amount of essential nutrients for sure. Many of the giant creatures in the jungle are plant-eaters, no? If still, it makes you confused, then start calculating your calories and macros both for per day. Go and check your vitamin level every six months and see how perfect it would be. You would only have to take supplements for vitamin b-12 within this diet because it’s not achievable through plants.

So, don’t turn an ear towards these common myths. A plant-based diet is a wholesome diet providing you enough amount of macro-nutrients, vitamins, and fiber, etc. So, don’t ever think for a second just to start your healthy eating journey with this diet pattern.


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