5 Hobbies That Are Proved To Improve Your Health


In the present world, people are just too absorbed in working from 9 to 5, students just too absorbed in achieving the highest marks, old citizens just too absorbed in awaiting their death, mental patients just too absorbed being depressed and hormonal teenagers just too absorbed in worrying if their crush likes them back or not.

These are just ways you are ruining your physical and mental health sulking around waiting for something catastrophically magnificent to happen in our lives to bring our productive side out to sea instead of staring at it from the shore.

Here are five hobbies to try when you are bored out of your mind or depressed out of the world, not only will they improve your mental health but give you some physical benefit too.

1) Dancing :

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There is so much to try: ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, modern, swing, contra dance and uncountable others. Dancing is a fun exercise and is said to release stress when you get lost in the moves. It is not necessary that you join a dance club for opting this hobby, just do it the way you like. Glide across your living room or pirouette across your garden, totally up to you!

Putting on your dance shoes and just pouring all your emotion into it is said to improve heart rate, boost strength and diminish symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia in mentally sick patients. Dancing also reduces the risk of dementia by 76%.

2) Painting :

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Collect your paintbrushes, put up a canvas and start stroking. Pick up bright colors and paint everything out. All your worries, diseases, overwhelming emotions, pain and essentially everything and anything. Experts advise the stressed out to pick up paintbrushes to escape their depression. It helps a person get mindful, productive and creative. It also increases creativity and energy levels during work hours.

3) Writing Journal :

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Pick up any simple notebook or buy a specialized journal and grabbing a pen just get started. Write about your traumas, failures, short-term and long-term goals, travel plans or your meal for next weekend, that’s up to you, but just get it into you to scratch the lead of a pencil against the paper. Psychological research has deduced that frequent writing can improve the immune system and reduce stress levels. Also, it diminishes symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

4) Reading :

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Neuro-psychologists have deduced that indulging in a book for just a few minutes can greatly reduce stress levels.

You get lost on the blank ink on the pages and forget for a time you are depressed, that you have loads of work to finish,

that your boss will likely fire you if you do not complete your assigned work till the deadline, that you are even stressed out at all for anything. It also helps to relieve blood pressure, get better sleep and become active. Saves you from overdosing on caffeine.

5) Yoga :

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Meditation is a great way to give your mind at rest. It helps in mental stimulation. It essentially helps people suffering from high blood pressure, anger management issues, heart diseases, aches and pain, and depression or stress. It also helps to improve your memory, flexibility of the body, cognitive function, and controlled breathing. It gives you time to ponder over things and calmly go-over the calamities you are facing. A type of thinking companion!

It’s never too late to choose a healthy hobby. Quit taking work at home, quit downing jars of Nutella and waiting for a new season of Friends at Netflix, quit waiting for Izrael (he will come when he has to), quit waiting for your crush to like you back (instead ask him to go to hell) and get on with your life because it is only one that you will get to live it. You are not going to get anywhere with being depressed, just pick up any hobby from above and start working with it. Dance to express all your overwhelming emotions. Paint all your worries and enemies on the canvas. Write all the plans for your blooming life into the personalized journal. Read fiction and make the characters in books your friends as Rhoe has. Meditate for better mind stimulation.


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