5 Hidden Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Something


Our body is a marvelous piece of art. It seems like it was engineered with such creativity and expertise that it keeps on running like a machine from your birth till your death. If you think about it, your body always has some processes going on, either you’re asleep or awake. It continues to function even when it is not being taken care of or undergoing a difficult time. But bodily processes get disrupted when you don’t pay attention to your mechanisms and don’t give your machine the required amount of fuel to run. 

When your body does not get enough nutrients, exercise, or rest, it starts malfunctioning. It takes away the joy of your life, makes you sluggish and easily prone to diseases, and gets in the way of your relationships and employment. But sometimes, something harmful can be cooking up inside your body in the form of diseases, illnesses, and injuries, and your body tries to alarm you about it. But how does your body alarm you about it? It starts giving you hidden signs that you need to look out for.

Let’s take a look at the five hidden signs your body is trying to tell you something:

  1. Your eyes lack moisture and are always extremely dry. 

There may be several reasons your eyes are dry- including if you stare at your laptop or phone screen all day. But it could also be due to sjögren’s syndrome. It is an autoimmune disease in which the tear-secreting glands in your eyes get affected with inflammation, and they reduce the production of tears, causing prolonged dry eyes condition. 

  • You feel cold all the time. 

Do you or anyone you know always feel cold and just want to dive in a pile of blankets? Lack of thyroid production in your body leads to feeling cold all the time. Your decreased cells burn a low amount of energy, producing less heat in your body, making you always feel cold. 

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  • You get drastic dreams. 

You might be worried about getting intense dreams or, as we call them, nightmares, frequently. Sometimes these nightmares can be the way of your body telling you that something is wrong. These nightmares can be indications of something major or sometimes just caused due to restlessness or stress. But according to studies, you might be having nightmares as an early sign of Parkinson’s disease

  • You feel zoned out frequently. 

If you’re having difficulty concentrating on things or focusing on your job or studies or even during a conversation, it could be a problem. These things happen with people sometimes if they are stressed about something. But if this is frequently happening with you and you get zoned out almost all the time, there are possibilities that your thyroid gland is underactive. 

  • You feel bloated all the time.

For some people, bloating can be due to what they eat, but it could be due to a severe issue for some. Bloating can also signify ovarian cancer; it occurs when excess fluid builds up in your abdominal cavity.

Did you know that these signs were actually symptoms of your body going towards harm? Do you face any of these signs? Let us know your answers in the comments below. 

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