5 Easy Tips For Treating Acne


If you ever have interest in treating acne or getting rid of acne, we advise you to take a look at this article. This article presents some information about acne according to the latest researches.

Avoid Scrubbing and Abrasives

Remember that when you are scrubbing your facial skin , you are irritating your skin causing to remove the natural barrier between acne and outside bacteria. You should leave your skin and avoid scrubbing and using abrasives.

Sun for Gorgeous Skin

It’s true that sun does kill bacteria, well it doesn’t mean that it wont harm the skin. The sun also acts as an agent that dries your skin, tightens it and clogs our skin pores. It is advised to spend a limited time under the skin. Daily 15 minutes on your face and skin is enough.

Avoid Extremely Cold Weather

As extreme heat can cause our skin pores to clog, it’s the same with extreme cold weather too. Cold weather also causes our skin pores to clog. The ideal situation is to keep your face moisturized along with your body and stay in temperatures ranging from 70-80 degree Fahrenheit

Swimming Does Help

Exercise is the best medicine to reduce stress. Swimming indoors in a pool with properly treated water is an option but it is best if you use ozone purified pool if possible. Swimming pool water is normally 70-85 degrees in Fahrenheit. This is well below the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees. Hence, the swimming water cools your body including the areas which are affected by acne. It also provide excellent exercise for the rest of your body and reduce stress as well.

Stay Clean

Cleanliness is very important if you want to defeat acne. It is highly recommended to change your linens, wash your clothes and body towels after every use. In fact these places are great hiding spots for bacteria which grow in it and then they are re applied on our skin when we come in contact with these items. You should also was the white facial cloths, your pillow and bed covers , and your personal undergarments with a good quality antiseptic. You can also use vinegar for the purification purpose. Other items like tea tree oil or essential oils of lemon, orange or lime can also be used to lessen the acne related bacterial development. For washing purposes , it is highly recommended to use a natural detergent.

Indeed, there are many different ways to fight and control acne, but the most important one is to maintain a proper healthy lifestyle. It is of extreme importance to know that healthy lifestyles will help you in attaining a healthier body and skin. Take a step and change your unhealthy and unfavourable habits. Never be afraid to change . We go through evolutionary process towards a better life. Stay healthy and stay clean !

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