5 Early Warnings of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a frustrating condition about which no one knows the exact reason. It is a debilitating disorder characterized by fatigue which does not go away by taking rest or doing any other thing. it may be due to a weakened immune system, hormonal imbalances, viral infections or stress. It has no known cure at all. However, self-care would help a lot. It makes difficult for that affected person the things to do that other people take for granted. It is not easy to diagnose as it has similar symptoms as that of other illnesses. It mostly occurs in the age of 40s and 50s. treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome focuses for the relief of patients from these symptoms.

Here are some of its symptoms:

Debilitating fatigue:

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As the name implies, it is an overarching symptom of CFS. When you felt sick or had flu, you feel so tired and the only thing you wanted to do is rest. But in this disease rest doesn’t give you much energy. You have an inner fatigue. For this, you have to do your medical tests so that it could be diagnosed.

Brain fog:

Doctor ASKY / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Researchers found that individuals found with chronic fatigue syndrome have more cytokines in their immune system which are produced more on the onset of viral infections. the patients have highly active immune system. However, the inflammatory response in the CFS patients triggers to “brain fog”. Symptoms of brain fog are difficulty in concentrating, loss of memory and slow reaction time.

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Non-restorative sleep:

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We all know that sleep is really good for our health and it is one of the most wanted things. We need sleep to function properly and achieve nearly to our capabilities. If we do not sleep well, we can’t work properly. The CFS patient’s most big problem is that they can’t have enough sleep. Even after taking sleeping pills, they do not have proper sleep that they actually want to have.

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Posture-related problems:

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Poor posture related problems are also symptoms of CFS. Poor postures can also result in low energy levels. As we know that making an upright or alert posture needs high energy so the patients of CFS are bad at good postures as they do not have high energy levels due to fatigue. If you notice any symptom like this, you may consult a doctor.

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Many other symptoms:

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This is a type of disease which is not easily recognized. Majority of the people never diagnose CFS in their lifetime. And the one which goes to their doctors, the doctors might end up saying that these are symptoms of depression. CFS has numerous symptoms so the doctors also cannot diagnose it quickly. Some of its symptoms are insomnia, frequent headaches, joint pain, pain in muscles or having a sore throat.

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Its treatment varies for every person. However, there are three types of treatments; medications, complementary medicines and changes in your lifestyles.

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