5 Dangers Of High Blood Pressure Never To Ignore

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High blood pressure is a bigger problem than most people deem it worthy of. It can put you in life-threatening situations and can cost you your life if you don’t get a treatment immediately. Hypertension is a very common problem in people nowadays but no one takes it seriously as I mentioned before. I don’t understand why to people nowadays only diseases like cancer and aids are worth the whole treatment procedure. But that is so not the case. Although the symptoms of high blood pressure start appearing after a long time it is really a damaging cause in the long run.

Here are some problems that can be caused by a high blood pressure.

1) Heart Problem :

Doctor ASKY

Heart is the main organ of the body and the main source besides oxygen keeping you alive. Hypertension increases the risk of heart-related diseases and many other minor and major problems. Such as the coronary artery disease is a disorder affecting the artery that transports food to the muscle walls of the heart. This disorder cuts off the blood- oxygen that the heart needs to function. CAD may lead to heart attack, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat. The other problem that can be caused is heart failure. Hypertension places a strain on the heart, causing it to weaken. Eventually, the heart is unable to carry on with the extra load of work and gives up.

2) Brain Damage :

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Okay, the brain is the second most essential part. We need it to process things throughout the day and comprehend what is going on with life and without it, you will be considered a lunatic period. Hypertension can also cause complications that involve the brain and these include impairment. The brain is responsible for cognitive processing and this task depends on blood-oxygen. The disruption in blood supply may cause huge unsolvable problems. The second problem is a transient ischemic attack, it is a big warning for an upcoming stroke. And the stroke is the worst thing that can happen to the brain, it may lead to some kind of disability or even death.

3) Kidney Damage :

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Kidneys are primarily responsible for filtering the blood of waste substances. The whole process revolves around blood so the problem of blood pressure can cause the kidney to be unable to filter out waste substances resulting in failure. An aneurysm is a bulge formed by something obstructing the blood vessel. When the blood vessel becomes unable of containing the fluid it may burst then. Kidney scarring and failure are two other problems caused by high blood pressure.

4) Eye Damage :

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Ooooh, it sounds the most dangerous one. After all who wants to be all oblivious to the world around them. Blood vessels in the eye become damaged by hypertension. Fluid buildup also is known choroidopathy is a condition causing blurred vision, scarring, or loss of vision. Nerve damage is another condition where the optic nerve is damaged leading to certain conditions like bleeding of the eye or vision loss.

5) Systemic Damage :

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This danger is although the most dangerous one but it is crucial to understand all the possible damages that can be caused by a high blood pressure or hypertension. These problems appear in the form of sexual dysfunction, insomnia, gout, and osteoporosis. Every organ and area of the body relies on a steady supply of blood. While the above-mentioned list could be a set of complication you must rush straight away for the doctor if you spot any symptoms of high blood pressure in you because it may harm you in the long run.


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