5 Changes Your Body Undergoes When You Go Through A Breakup


Most of the times when you are in a strong and long dating relationship with someone and suddenly you face the stage of a breakup, then it disturbs your whole personality or sometimes life circumstances too. It can bring certain changes in your body which you undergo when you go through a breakup. Right here we will make you learn about the 5 common changes your body undergoes when you go through a breakup!

Experiencing Broken Heart Syndrome:

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You will firstly be finding a change of broken heart syndrome that is quite real and common in the starting days of the breakup. The heart can literally temporarily enlarge due to a condition that is known as broken heart syndrome. You would not believe this fact but it is scientifically and medically tested concept.  Hence this condition can occur when the heart of a person dealing with a broken heart, and does not pump well. The rest of the body parts function normally.

The condition of Withdrawal Symptoms:

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It has been explained that the brain releases surges of dopamine and oxytocin when in love which lights up the brain’s reward center. This whole chemical neuro-illumination is due to all that emotional and physical intimacy experienced in relationships.  As you get through the breakup, the brain hence experiences massive withdrawal symptoms.  Sometimes the condition becomes so worse that the people usually go through intensive hospitalization for that.

Experiencing the Situational Depression:

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As soon as you face the stage of a breakup, the depression is quite a lot common for sure. You will feel sad and get into the zone of crying spells all the time that will definitely change your sleeping patterns and appetite, and hence you will experience a decrease in energy and motivation. This is all because of the decrease in serotonin stimulation and production. The results of the situational depression are much similar to the common depression condition.  One way to deal with this depression is to engage in strategies that are likely to increase serotonin stimulation and production.

Increase in Blood Pressure:

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Adding to the surge in stress, hormone cortisol is another potential side effect of a breakup. Cortisol is named out to be the fighting hormone, and the body literally hence goes through a fight for survival just as both emotionally and physically during a breakup. This can often result in higher blood pressure.

The condition of skin Outbreaks:

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Last but not the least change is all about facing the condition of skin outbreaks. It will add to the growth of acne, rash, and other forms of skin conditions. This is all due to cortisol effects on the endocrine system. In order to combat it, you need to involve yourself in other activities, hobbies, distractions that are much helpful for you to forget about the breakup phase. All in all, forget about what happened in the past, just het up from your couch and gear up for something that’s not only better for your health but there are many who need your attention as well.



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